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Joe Carrera

Hmmm….let’s get personal here

Some of you may think you know me and depending from which circles your acquainted with you may be close.

However, I am going to be transparent here no holding back..

Just promise you won’t make fun of me I’m just blogging?

OK so let’s do this, her are 10 facts about me:


I Nair my arms tried shaving a couple of times but that didn’t work out to well.  Manly, I know but looks and feels great 🙂


A lot of my business associates think I love public speaking but for the record I have a fear of public speaking


I have lost over 50lbs in 2013 and still to this day sneak a burger or bean burrito from Taco Bell once a week. Don’t tell my wife



I have a secret obsession to help people better themselves…I mean to the point I drill sergeant their ass if I am not seeing the

work ethic needed to be successful. Suits me well in network marketing…


I can’t start something and not finish it and I am not sure if it’s some sort of OCD or I just am weird. If I start I MUST finish….


My 3 year old still sleeps in my bed and I am trying to kick her out before she is 4…


I love collecting expensive watches tried to do that with Porsche’s but the wife wasn’t having that..


I have to use the stair-master for at least 50 minutes a day or I feel moody.


I listen to at least an hour of EDM a day (electronic dance music for those that don’t know).


I worked at McDonald’s when I was 14 years old and sold Chinese Pugs in front of grocery stores when I was 12 years old

(as you see always hustling).

11 (bonus)

I took up meditation about 10 months ago. Let me tell you talk about mindset training and discipline!!

12 (bonus)

I’m very humble about my lifestyle and my way of life.

It’s the way I have become just in the last year to year and half.

… in a good market, my home is worth right around half a million dollars.

… and we have a couple Porsche’s

… and landscapers that handle everything outside.

… and a full bar , even though I rarely drink.

… and a garage with a small gym in it.

… and a retail supplement superstore (that I opened with money from my network marketing business).

OK OK this felt like a therapy session and I didn’t even plan on that being a benefit. Well, let me know if anything you read about

me is something that you do or just think I am weird in the comments below. If you still feel you don’t know me perhaps you missed my story.

Your Friend

Joe Carrera

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