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Joe Carrera

I talk with several people, small businesses, entrepreneurs but a lot of times when we are in the discovery state I see and hear of countless people (including my own friends) who expect success to come to them.  Like success is just going to land into their laps and fall straight out of the sky.

One commonality between several of the ones I am referring to want the luxuries to appear in front of them because they simply have a “job”. It pains me because I’ll refer them to a couple of readings but you know they’re wrong but their attitude many times is what needs adjusting.

There could be several reasons why your not as successful as you should be but this infograph has 13 reasons that are obvious.

Being successful can mean so many things to different people. For example, for me its not having to work in my old cubicle, doing what I want when I want and with who I want but most importantly spending all the time I want with my family.

reasons you're not successful

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