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Joe Carrera

7 Effective Tips for Network Marketers That Create Success

Now your probably saying hmm I know what network marketing (aka – direct sales or multilevel marketing) is…. It’s women sitting around selling Tupperware while just gossiping and eating finger foods. In actuality, in today’s market this image couldn’t be further from the truth of network marketing. It’s neither a hobby nor a get rich fast scheme but it is a part-time or full-time business for those that “work” the business.

Here are some examples of companies right now that are blowing up on the internet and still in the infancy stage; Empower Network, Wake Up Now, and Internet Lifestyle Network.

Why are the Internet models blowing up? Great question, when I hit my six-figure mark in the direct sales industry it was not with an online model but more of a traditional prospect, book and hook approach. Although for many this seems to be a more difficult approach it actually helped me grow certain skills I didn’t have prior to sales and marketing.

Now the Internet model is growing like fire because it differs greatly in the sense that you can make money on auto-pilot! Who wouldn’t want to make money while they are sleeping!!! Let me elaborate some because if your foundation is not set correctly you will not make money while your sleeping.

Let’s take the example of Wake Up Now this biz opp you see posted all over Facebook from many of your friends or acquaintances I am sure of it and in many cases people typically respond on these posts with the famous line I’ve seen “hey were you hacked or is this something your doing?”

You have to admit when you see this post on someone’s wall you laugh because the marketing rep or independent business operator doesn’t realize how to correctly position him or herself. It is critical that you are positioned well in order to be seen or to become an authority of your subject matter. This is what it takes to succeed in this industry otherwise you are 1 of 5,000 posting on Facebook walls.

You need to position yourself in your buyer’s mindset, what are the buyer keyword terms? If someone was searching for information about wake up now what would they be searching for? I will tell you for a fact what some people are searching for. Here are some examples with their search volumes (See Video to conduct exact search Counts):

  1. Does Wake Up Now Work – 60,700 for this EXACT search
  2. Is Wake Up Now a Scam – 65,900 for this EXACT search
  3. Wake Up Now Review – 588,000 for this EXACT search

Ok I can go on and on all day long but remember in my Internet marketing efforts I use a tool to research which long tail keywords to attack and post about so I can rank in Google. So Joe, how can I leverage this info? Let me paint this picture a little clearer for those that are now starting to see where I am going here.

These search terms are called buyer keyword terms! These are people that have their credit card in their hands and are considering joining but need more information. If you have been in the industry you know when someone is hesitant or providing objections typically they are lacking information to make that final decision to close. Well online its BEAUTIFUL because there is no limit to the number of people you can reach, there are no borders, no language barriers the sky is truly the limit.

So for instance, if I were in the WUN biz opp I would be writing articles with these long tail keywords, optimizing the articles, creating YouTube video and optimizing that video so my blog posts  and video would be showing up in the top 1 to 2 pages. Writing an article regarding the scam one is one of the highly used tactics to drive traffic but you need to research your long tail keywords stay with 35 or less for ratings those are easy to rank for.

Well, let me stop you from daydreaming because the only way YOU can capture some of this business is by you LEARNING marketing. You can read some of these tips but bottom line you need to learn how to market online which entails driving traffic, capturing leads and converting those leads. If you want to learn more about this enter your email into the form to the right over here and start getting your free golden nuggets daily.


Choosing – I would review these six items when choosing a company

  1. Stability
  2. Products – will people use and need more of?
  3. Comp Plan
  4. Management/Leaders
  5. Momentum and Timing
  6. TRAINING and SUPPORT – If your enroller or mentor signs you up and disappears your going to be lost so team up with someone that lives that business.


Follow Directions – if the biz opp tells you to watch a video per day and blog daily then FOLLOW that. There is a system in place if you are trying to re-invent the wheel. Be coachable…

Support Team – Not sure but in many businesses it’s called many things but how supportive are they? This is one thing many people do NOT research or overlook when joining a company. I have seen it many times where someone joins and regrets later because they figured joining the top earner would get them ahead when in reality they are to busy to handhold them daily. Find someone that will spend time with you, coach you and someone you can model yourself after.

Become a Leader – This one is real simple and so many people like to over complicate things. You are looking to become an expert in order to then become independent. Well to become an expert in ANYTHING you must first learn, then do it and then teach it!!! Viola!!! You become a leader when you do this and the magic of duplication comes in the teaching.

Online – If you are not online, if you do not have some real estate online….. YOU ARE GOING OUT OF BUSINESS!! You need to develop a brand and by having a blog you become an authority in your business. Setting up your blog with an auto-responder is another piece that needs to be implemented which plugs in to your blog and when someone submits an inquiry-automated message are sent out on your behalf. I use Aweber and it’s only $1 the first month I have actually secured that discount with this link, here.

Business Rules – treat this as a business and it will work as a business just like if you were running a franchise or just a storefront so get an accountant. In this line of work you get the same tax write-offs that a business would get and its very important you do your research prior to getting involved. Know what write-offs before starting will allow you to know how your taxes will be affected.

Keep Your Day Job…For Now – I didn’t leave my full time job until I duplicated my income. You will not want to quit your job until you know that your income is equivalent to what you make now or greater.

So just to wrap, in this example I used someone who is marketing wake up now and how to position yourself. In order to get leads you need to get a stake of real estate online build your brand and start blogging daily. The courses I offer will show you how to target long tail buyer keywords so you can start showing up in Google for these search terms.

To better stay informed and educated on topics of Internet marketing and how to understand online technology click the link button below to learn more with me and how I can help you build your online business.

large-let-me-in-nowYour Partner,

Joe Carrera

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