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Joe Carrera

About Author


Born in New Jersey, lived in Queens for some time then moved to the Lone Star State, Texas.

I am the type of person that likes to watch people to learn more.

Worked and paid for my college tuition then got my MBA woohoo! Paid for most of my college but ended up with over $50k in student loan debt…

As far as my corporate career here it goes…

I worked for Shell Oil, Time Warner Cable and Comcast as an operations manager. Started to earn a six figure salary around my 12th of 14th year of my career track.

I got sick of that career because of of how much time it was requiring of me. At first it was ok because I was young but I started to build a family and I wanted to spend more time with my family but my salaried position was not allowing it.

That is when I started internet marketing, learned some valuable lessons, earned a lot of money and coached others then I had a break through and earned enough capital to start my own vision, and created the Pumpd Nutrition franchise and towards the end of 2018 we launched the mobile franchise model which lowered to cost of entry for entrepreneurs!

You have a better chance of making a six figure salary in this industry than getting into medical school! A basic day in my life is usually spent;

on the lake,


or running Pumpd On the Go meeting great people



or just working out enjoying the outdoors how life was meant to be lived.


Sheesh, I am a gambling man so my gamble paid out for me! It was a tough grind but well worth it…..

So now, I help develop others with financial and personal wellness. Regardless of industry or even as example losing weight its all about mindset. As you see here living the Pumpd Life changed my health


With my income I made online I founded Pumpd Nutrition and now franchise that business model out and there are currently 12 locations in operation and will be at 20 by end of summer 2019.

I am looking to lock arms with at least 10 more highly motivated individuals to open a Pumpd Nutrition a highly lucrative business model.

I have two daughters Giselle,5,and Sophia,11.

Now that I have left the lame workplace, I spend all my free time with them now versus only seeing them two hours a night before when I was worked to death.

My hobbies are enjoying my time with my family, reading, meditation, smashing it in the gym and biggest passion which is helping other people. You can link up with me on LinkedIn if you would like.


Joe Carrera


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