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Joe Carrera

Why Blo.gl?  Automated Blog Who Doesn’t Want to Systematize

automated blog or why you should check out blo.gl

Well if your in the business of marketing yourself or trying to market your brick and mortar business I guarantee you that you are attempting to leverage Facebook because there are over 1 Billion people on the internet (many of those are on Facebook).

If you are a marketer then you know there can be a lot of time that goes into content creation, then syndicating and promoting yourself or your business.

However, one of the problems is Google can’t crawl all the content so in reality it will never be seen by your potential customers.

Now I am talking about the highly laser focused buyer keyword customers with credit card in hand.

Have you ever checked to see if your Facebook status was indexed by Google? (let me save you some time it doesn’t index)

Well this is why I signed up for Blo.gl as a beta tester and you can as well for FREE and test it out for yourself because this tool will save you a lot of time and do so much work!

Ok for a moment I want you to visualize with me it’ll be fun promise….

Let’s say for your business every time you posted a video, picture or status update on Facebook it would actually automatically be posted to your company blog?

Viola some of you see the magic appearing but let me continue…

Now on your company blog there is relevant data to your buyers, community or prospective buyers that GOOGLE can now crawl and index as a matter of fact, all search engines where it’s promoting your product, service or affiliate links?

This is exactly what Blo.gl does and on autopilot dang this is sooooooo sweet!

So register a free account, setup and forget about it!

Now you can rank and bank whatever your industry is because now your being crawled and indexed which will be building up your back links, traffic and Alexa ranking.

If the light-bulb isn’t going off yet watch my video and if you still struggle I would suggest just hiring someone but I will try to make it fully understandable in my demo video.

If the light bulb went off for you and your ready for your free account set it up I won’t leave this up for long.


So with Blo.gl you basically don’t have to be worrying about blog posts all the time its on autopilot allowing you or your staff to focus on the income producing actions which I commonly refer to IPA’s (which typically is syndicating, promoting and driving traffic).

I am talking to current bloggers as you know online marketing success comes from daily (yes you know I’m right) compelling content to keep your community engaged.

Well for those that struggle with writers block or just struggle with what to write about Blo.gl comes to your rescue once again as I show in the video but you can find similar niches of yours on Facebook and embed their feed into your Blo.gl account so your blog stays fresh and appealing.

It doesn’t steal the data it gives credit to original source so if your in the cupcake business you would not want to take a feed of a competitor that promotes their cupcakes.

For example, for my test I used personal development and added that feed into the auto blogging feed.

Take a test ride it’s free and let me know what you think and how much time it frees up for you and your staff.

1. Sign up for your free account, here.

Your Partner,
Joe Carrera
Internet Marketing Coach


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