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Joe Carrera


Life Lessons Learned From Quitting My Job

I need a new career – Is this something you have asked yourself before? I am sure we have all felt it from one time to another, lost. Just when we think we have grips on life somehow something can change to take that feeling away. So there we go again trying to figure it [...]

How To Succeed In Life – My Blackjack Winning Hand At Life

How To Succeed In Life – My Blackjack Hand Life happens and as we live our daily lives its not a destination we are trying to reach but more so a journey. This is what I mean by life happens because there are times we struggle, there are times we celebrate, times we hit new [...]

12 Ways To Be The Ultimate Gentleman

What we strive to be in everyday life should be better people. Our goals should involve being more loving, more caring and focusing more on the positive aspects of life as 2015 is nearing a wrap. So I thought it would be best if I wrote about the way men should present themselves and hold [...]

Success Will Never Come Doing These 10 Things

Ok so regardless of what were talking about it can be a boxing match, your kids soccer game or opening a business, one thing cannot be denied…. There will always be a winner and a loser. If you want to stage yourself with a high percentage of probability for winning to be in your favor then [...]

13 Reasons Your Not Successful As You Should Be

I talk with several people, small businesses, entrepreneurs but a lot of times when we are in the discovery state I see and hear of countless people (including my own friends) who expect success to come to them.  Like success is just going to land into their laps and fall straight out of the sky. [...]

GoPro Camera Comparison Shown From A Original Skateboard Pintail 40 Longboard

So I have reviewed the different GoPro cameras and by far the one that I ended up staying with was the Hero 3+ Black Edition. From a camera perspective when the photos were compared between a silver and black edition there was a noticeable difference it was just much more crisp. The detail in the [...]

Fireworks Filmed With A Drone

So this weekend you got to see fireworks and it was probably a great experience with friends and family…. Now I don’t think you have seen a firework show until you have seen them from a different perspective…… From the perspective of a drone. Watch this video for a beautiful show while listening to some [...]