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Joe Carrera

Network Marketing

Wake Up Now Review – Is It a Scam?

Wake Up Now Review – Is it a scam or legitimate business opportunity? In today’s blog I am doing a wake up now review , I have been approached quite a few times and if you have not been approached not sure where you are living but with this being such a new opportunity so [...]

7 Must Do Tips for Network Marketers That Create Success

7 Effective Tips for Network Marketers That Create Success Now your probably saying hmm I know what network marketing (aka – direct sales or multilevel marketing) is…. It’s women sitting around selling Tupperware while just gossiping and eating finger foods. In actuality, in today’s market this image couldn’t be further from the truth of network [...]

Sales vs. Marketing – What’s the difference?

What’s the difference between Sales and Marketing?   So in my career prior to be an entrepreneur going out on my own I had never had experience in sales and marketing. When I held positions all were either in technical aptitude or they were in an operations role where I managed a piece of a [...]