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Joe Carrera


Floyd Mayweather Jr. Challenges 50 Cent to a 12 Round Boxing Match at MGM Grand for 12 Million Cash via Twitter!

So for all the boxing fans you know this debate heating up is getting you all excited…. First the drama started off earlier last week with Fifty responding to Mayweather in the video below. So if your not caught up watch the video (listen for the reading reference)… LAS VEGAS – We know who CAN [...]

NBA Finals 2014 final score: San Antonio Crushes Miami 107-86, Now 3-1 lead

So now for the second time in a row the San Antonio Spurs went into Miami and crushed them. I don’t use this term lightly because of the large gap that was maintained. So I think many will agree the Miami Heat… in one word were dominated. The Spurs winning 107-86 Thursday night and taking [...]

Michael Jordan is a billionaire. (Thought With All The Shoes Sold He Was?))

Michael Jordan is a billionaire now……but wait I thought he already was with all the rage about owning Jordans. Also, not to mention his record in the NBA. I think most people would agree with me Jordans have been around since the 90’s and now even our kids, kids have Jordan. Michael Jordan over the [...]