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Joe Carrera

You would be surprised how often I hear this question.

Well think about it as we grow up we are conditioned to go to school, go to college and then time to get that J – O – B.

Some of us have to get that college student loan which in many cases when we are done with college its about a years salary. That loan is hard for some of us to repay depending on the job we get after college.

You see some of you may have already experienced this but when you are in the cubicle life your performance driven so in many cases many people end up working like 70+ hours like I did because we had to keep up.

The difference with working from home is there is much less time working because when you do work you are producing because you no longer are “clocked in” you just crush out the work and go about your daily life.

At the J O B you need to stay your entire shift until you can clock out….

Video 3: Does Working From Home Really Work



Here is a bonus picture that shows some shocking statistics regarding home based businesses. What are your thoughts?



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