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Joe Carrera
floyd mayweather fifty cent

So for all the boxing fans you know this debate heating up is getting you all excited….

First the drama started off earlier last week with Fifty responding to Mayweather in the video below. So if your not caught up watch the video (listen for the reading reference)…

LAS VEGAS – We know who CAN beat Floyd Mayweather Jr., and that person being J.K. Rowling and every other author in history…even I’m hearing Dr. Suess.

Punches is not the only thing Floyd Mayweather Jr. is dodging right now, it appears he is also dodging books, and to be a smart ass the book—the cat in the hat.

So after rapper 50 Cent called out Floyd Mayweather’s reading skills by challenging him to read a page of Harry Potter without messing up, which he then changed to the Cat in the Hat on Jimmy Kimmel live.

Mayweather called out 50 Cent to a real 12 round boxing match at MGM Grand in Las Vegas for $12,000,000 cash via Twitter(see tweet below).

floyd mayweather fifty cent


Still waiting for rapper 50 cent to respond but its believed he will not back down from a fight.

Mayweather responded to reporters stating he will be willing to fight 50 cent, with Floyd responding “in October”. Who would’ve known that undefeated and multi-millionaire boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr. didn’t know how to read? … other than 50 Cent.

The big question is who do you think will win in a fight?

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