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Joe Carrera
gopro hd hero 3 reviews

So I have reviewed the different GoPro cameras and by far the one that I ended up staying with was the Hero 3+ Black Edition.

From a camera perspective when the photos were compared between a silver and black edition there was a noticeable difference it was just much more crisp. The detail in the pic was sharper and could be seen much more clearly with more color.

GoPro Camera Comparison —— 

GoPro Camera Comparison —– 


Improved video processor
Next, we come to the improved image processor: the component of the Hero3 that most differentiates the Black, White, and Silver editions. Check out some of the images below results speak for themselves.


gopro hero 3 comparison

Now check out this video all recorded on the Black Edition.


The GoPro Hero3 Silver and White editions are strong challengers in the sports camera market. However, the faster, more powerful Black Edition is head and shoulders the best sports camera on the market today.

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