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Joe Carrera

MBA Reading List


The Best Business Books You Can Read – Here is the list

MBA programs don’t have a patent on business knowledge: success leaves clues and you can teach yourself all you need to know in order to succeed in business and personal life.

The Hard-knocks MBA reading list has the very best business books available, based on thousands of hours of research and books several of my mentors, colleagues and myself have read to reach our success.

No matter if you are trying to climb the corporate ladder or break off on your own as an entrepreneur you will need this skill set below in order to survive and run a business effectively.

So if your plan was to go to graduate school but that $150,000 loan is what scares you…. You can get a world class business education just by reading this reading list.

On this page you will have all the books recommended in order to get your Hard-Knocks MBA in order to bookmark, printing and resources for future reference.

Here are the 99 business books the Hard-knocks MBA recommends….

Business Creation

Value-Creation & Testing




Finance & Accounting

The Human Mind

Productivity & Effectiveness

Problem Solving

Behavioral Change







Project Management




Corporate Skills

Corporate Strategy

Creativity & Innovation



Personal Finance

Personal Growth

I hope you enjoy this reading list and no matter what stage you are in your life you can start on different sections. Personally when a lot of time has passed I sift back through the list and start picking books off again to read them in order to further sharpen my mind.

Give the gift of value and share this page because I will assure you these books can and will help anyone in life.

Yours Truly,

Joe Carrera



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