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Joe Carrera

How To Advertise Your Website For Your Company or Network Marketing Business


If you have not invested in growing your business online you are MISSING the boat. It is time now to learn how to advertise your website online. No matter if your in the network marketing industry or if you run a local brick and mortar business. As you already know you need three things online in order to be successful which are

1. Traffic

2. Marketing System

3. Quick cash

If your business is in the red then you can only point the finger in one direction, YOU! However, keep calm its easy to repair with attention to the right income producing activities its all in your marketing mix. If you are not marketing that is the root of your problem right there easy its solved took less than 5 seconds. If you are marketing yourself or your business we need to look at that marketing mix to see whats not working because marketing is very simple. You test campaigns and rip out the ones that do not work and scale the ones that do because this is how to advertise your website.

However, lets focus mainly on the ones that are not doing any marketing because if you do not take action your business has a high probability to failing. It is time to invest into internet marketing it is one of the most effective ways to spread the word of your business, products or services or how to become a successful network marketer or home based business marketing.

Below I have drafted out my fave 5 that you should master. These are Easy Internet Marketing Tips

1. The Right kind of Website (blog obviously) The reason design matters is ultimately because of search engines and I go into detail here if you haven’t learned this yet. Secondly, your website is one of the single strongest factors of creating your image online. If not done correctly you can do more damage then good because you will be reaching the wrong audience, site will look cheap, site will not work for you and get indexed and well immediately leading to loss of leads which my friend is revenue.

For the other group so you don’t feel left out if you have a site the first thing on your priority list should be to have your site evaluated. Look to see if the site is effective, as it ranked, or any keywords even optimized on the content or consider hiring a professional to check it out.

2. SEO Know How- If you haven’t been marketing you probably don’t want this but most successful businesses or networkers want to get to the top of search engines because they understand all internet user sessions start off as a Google search. However, when most companies do marketing SEO and optimizing is not even on their list at all which is sad since them not knowing this will not help them. I have to admit on one of my brick and mortar businesses I was the same never did marketing until I kept researching how do I get more customers through my door. Yes I did the mailer stuff and for me it was a waste of time that is old school marketing. What works today is online,,,, people are online either at home on their PC, their online at work or they are surfing online with their smart phone and/or on Facebook.

I always thought it was tough and complicated but finally took the plunge got educated and working on a case study now that has improved 5.5 million in Alexa rankings. Its just getting the right tools and training (hint: check out this review its one of the right tools).

SEO is constantly changing and those of you that are knowlegeable we know how the recent alghorithm changes with Penguin 2.0 or Hummingbird we just have to be more aware of tactics being used. With the Penguin 2.o update Google is shows more interest with sites that have sites that have backlinks but from authority sites so becareful when doing backlinking. Another very easy method to boost ranking which leads to organic traffic are simple things like author rank, syndicating on social media sites and book marking sites. So if your site/company or brand doesn’t have a Google Plus profile get one now that’s directly tied into the algorithms and will help you.

3. Email Marketing- If your on a budget this would be your best free method but you need to be careful because no one likes a full inbox and your subscribers could easily unsubscribe if your blasting emails daily or to often. Additionally, when setting up your newsletter keep in mind the format for desktop and ensure its mobile friendly and very important make sure its shareable because sharing is caring!

4. Social Syndication- OK…. so for both groups (those that market and those that don’t) I hope your business has a social media page on one of the many large social media sites today. If you do not I am not sure where you have been living or if your part of the witness protection plan but GET ONE! You have sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Digg, Tumblr, Flickr and many more.

5. Video- Let me start off with a mind blowing fact here so you will resonate why I am saying video. YouTube is one of the largest traffic sites in the WORLD and the site receives more than 1 BILLION visitors per month. Man I smile ear to ear every time I hear this statistic because that is just amazing. Just get a video campaign setup for you company, use an effective keyword research tool that is not highly competitive, picking buyer keyword terms, and implement your call to actions.

How are you growing your business with marketing?

To better stay informed and educated on topics of internet marketing and how to understand online technology click the link button below to learn more with me and how I can help you build your online business.


Your Partner,

Joe Carrera


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