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Joe Carrera

How to Get Higher on Google – Every Business Whether Online or Traditional Brick and Mortar Wants to Rank Higher In Google or Yahoo. Why? Well in one sentence….


In a nutshell a higher rank means more visitors, and more visitors mean more sales, or more advertising revenue.

If the phrase or phrases you are trying to use are already being highly used your not going to rank well and getting indexed or ranked well will be a long and hard process in itself. 

It used to be as simple as putting the keyword you were wanting to rank and bank for in the <title> and at least one part of of the page.

It has gotten a little more involved than just that and having a brick and mortar business is why I invested in my SEO and internet marketing education so I can compete with the best of them.

I did learn that just having a website is weak there is just not enough page authority there to help constantly getting crawled by Google or Yahoo.

Now what we are about to get in will unlock your vision on how to get higher on Google so pay attention to the clues (wink, wink).

A while back I had a friend who was trying to get ranked well in Google for her name and being she did not have such a common name I went to Google to see how she was coming along with her quest.

Obviously, like every other internet user my internet session started at Google and I type her name in thinking well she should be on the first page with her name.

I did not find her, at ALL… So going straight to her site I review the site and started to chuckle to myself then proceed to call her.

“Did it occur to you that maybe your name should be somewhere on the page or even in the <title>”?

She had her name but it was just on her image that was the front page banner but even then if done correctly she could have at a minimum titled the photo and added the alt text with her name so that would be captured.

So for example if your a network marketer that has a small following on online like on Facebook, Twitter or even a Facebook group you could really leverage this because with ranking for your name is a no brain-er.

However, lets say you want to get a little more technical and strategic and capture more traffic from Google.

Obviously there is a larger number of people that are searching for something you offer even outside of that small group of people looking for your name on Google. This is what you call a niche!

So I have 99 problems but a niche ain’t one! (Just like Jay Z we all have problems just mine ain’t a niche – beware explicit version)

OK now that were in the right mindset and we’ve got one problem out of the way we can move along on learning how to get higher on Google right?

Let’s say you have a small business and you sell home security alarm systems.

As the owner of this company you can be wasting your money on fliers, direct mail or some other old school way of thinking.

If you have stepped into the world we live in now then you understand the importance of adapting to our world of online and mobile smart phone users.

What if your phrase is competitive? How would you even know?

If you are using the Google keyword planner I wish you luck on ranking let me know how long it takes you to rank and how much you spend on paid advertising.

Now if you are using a keyword tool then you understand the importance of starting the race immediately with keywords that you can rank and bank for from the start.

I personally use Long Tail Platinum Pro and if you have not seen my review check it out.

You will see how this tool allows you to pick low hanging fruit of keywords you can rank for easily!!

I know many of you have heard getting to the top of SERPs (search engine results page) will mean you have to earn it keep working it.

I just want to say that advice is crap because no you don’t just need to keep doing things blindly thinking it will happen by accident.

There is a formula and it will happen and not by accident. Figure out what your income producing activities are and scale those.

If you have a website already launched you NEED to add a blog to the site and if you don’t have a site PLEASE get a blog because I am showing you how to get higher on Google not by luck but by formula.

Set it up and then start adding content daily and if your using the Long Tail tool make sure when you choose your buyer keyword terms in your niche they have a KC of 40 or less these are the low hanging fruit that you can easily index and rank for.

Keep your keyword to around 2-3% of your content so you are not getting flagged as a keyword stuffer and get slapped down (just be sure your not keyword stuffing because first off Google is smart enough to catch on to that plus no audience wants to read an article like that).

You learn a lot of this in the right internet marketing courses its GOLD or you can hire someone else and pay a pretty hefty price to have them do it for you.

I was doing that a year or so ago just paying invoices but that quickly stopped when they touched the wrong database and crashed my site (laughing now but it was a nightmare)…

When you get or add your blog there is a 30 day to 5k plan (this is the heart of how to get higher on Google) but basically here are the steps:

  1. Get the blog and Aweber setup
  2. Facebook boost
  3. YouTube Heist
  4. Press Release
  5. Blogging Beast
  6. Social Media Syndication
  7. Blog Jump Start
  8. Sharing (syndication I will get deeper into that)
  9. Rinse/Repeat

When you write your blog posts I will touch on a couple of items that are heavy hitters when it comes to optimizing effectively for ranking.

The first thing is when you do your title your keyword or long tail keyword should be the first part of the title that has the heaviest weight to SERPs.

Secondly, the body of your content should have roughly 2-3% of your keyword not more than that or you can get slapped for stuffing.

Lastly, your meta keywords should be the long tail keyword your going after and different variations of it in order to attract different flavors of that search.

As Google states philosophy page, “Focus on the user and all else will follow.” Just like many of you run your network marketing business they always tell you once you have helped enough people, you have essentially helped yourself. So provide value in your content and people will follow because you do provide tips and good content..

How To Improve Page Rank – Attributes considered by search engines

  • Page content is relevant to your niche
  • Page is considered an authority in niche
  • Page has useful and helpful content
  • Page has been live for some time
  • Page is part of a site with plenty of info
  • Page loads fast
  • Page doesn’t have a bunch of broken links
  • Page is not stuffed with bad keywords

Ranking well means:

  • Important and again this is taught in good courses but using Google Webmaster Tools how fast your site loads is a big factor for ranking
  • Back-links back to you site that are from authority sites so do not get spammy links that can hurt your rank attempt.

To better stay informed and educated on topics of Internet marketing including what organic traffic is and how to understand online technology, click the link button below to learn more with me and how I can help you build your online business.


Joe Carrera


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