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Joe Carrera

How To Market Online As A Network Marketer Explained

Network marketing is very basic and if you are following the advice of establishing 3 sources of income then you understand the need for one of those sources to be residual income. If you do not understand this school of thought I would highly suggest reading the post referenced above. In the last year of my corporate career I spent roughly 12-15 hours a week building a this source of income and actually had a lot of success.

The basics of network marketing is its a business of people and building relationships who buy or sell the products in which your company offers. In the corporate world I had built up a very large influential network which many of those contacts I still stay in contact with weekly and several of them are still connected to me via professional networking sites such as, LinkedIn.

Now with the power of the internet the reach you have is limitless, border-less and time zone free. It is amazing when you discover the power of the internet because in the businesses that I build both off and online they received the 10X effect, the boom effect and blew through the roof. Just to put this into perspective there are more than 1 BILLION people online worldwide!! Its no wonder it is so easy to make money online. Think about it next time you are at the grocery store or at the shopping mall pay attention to the behavior of people as they are walking around.

What do you notice?

Let me tell you what I notice and you validate this next time you are out and about. What I notice is a much larger percentage of people constantly on their smart phones surfing, interacting with social media and shopping online. Here is an extreme example but goes to show you the power of the internet is powerful and your fishing in a lake of over 1 billion people.

As you see from the video she was either surfing online, interacting on social media, reading an email or shopping online that question remains to be answered. Once I was able to build a strong residual income you earn so much time to do whatever you want and now marketing online comes many benefits which are pretty extensive here are just a few;

  • Work in shorts and a T-shirt
  • No more tire kickers (only laser focused leads)
  • Business is working 24/7
  • Maintenance costs remain low
  • Easy to expand internationally
  • Anyone can do it (as long as you have a computer)

When you decide to start you need to create an online presence so you need to obtain a domain that will reflect your brand. Most people secure their name as their personal identity such as www.yourname.com but it does not have to be your name it could be something that relates to your niche or something that relates to your business (ex. providingwellness.com).

Others prefer to use the power of ad copy to intrigue click throughs by using such domains as sixfigureincome.com in order to be catchy and stand out from the crowd. However, those that are strategic about it actually do research on certain keywords with keyword competitiveness of 40 or less and include domain availability with the results when doing the research.

See the genius move in that approach? So not only are you strategically researching and ranking for a long tail keyword but you are also choosing a domain that has a low KC so you can rank and bank in a few ways.

Once you choose a domain which typically ranges anywhere from $5-$20 depending on the domain you need to get hosting which for the price, speed and phenomenal support for the platform its, host gator and I have negotiated a coupon below.

HostGator: when your ready for your domain, hosting, and blog all through HostGator.  Use coupon code formercareerguy to save 25%.  They have the quickest, most user-friendly hosting with world class support.  I will provide a tutorial and my support when setting up WordPress.

There are two methods of doing this but for the newbie I suggest getting the viral blog solution and forward your CNAME records to it so you can get it up and running within an hour. The viral blogging system for $25 this is what you get.

  • Viral Blogging System ($497 Value) I’ll receive a core ‘Done for You’ Blogging System, INSTANTLY Set-Up in “Money Getting” Format, so that I can start driving traffic and generating leads as soon as I place my order below!

  • A complete 8-Step ‘Money Getting’ Formula ($297 Value) In this High-Value Video Training Series, I’ll learn the most effective ways to build a successful online business (if results are what I’m after) and the Core ‘Must Have’ Principals to Effective Entrepreneurship in today’s market. These videos outline your BIGGEST money making principals all in one place.

  • 24/7 Easy Access to the Most Successful ‘Money Getting’ Bloggers in our Online Community (Priceless)… Read, Review, Comment, Like, even Re-Blog & Share their content on ‘YOUR’ Blog to provide your own blog visitors with great Information that they can’t get enough of!

  • BONUS: Instant Access to NEW Mobile Application (FREE Upgrade) Upload Text & Images right to your Blog with just a few clicks from any MOBILE device … giving you the ability to build your business on the go, and Instantly plug in to training from any where in the World!

  • BONUS: Multiple Blogs! That’s right – You don’t just get ONE Blog, but as many as you like! Blog about your Products. Blog about your Business. Blog about your Family, or your favorite Hobbies, or Sports Teams, or ANYTHING, all on different Blogs, for the same low price of only $25! And control them all from one simple, proprietary Viral Blogging Dashboard! (Priceless)

Or you could hire a designer a couple of thousand dollars to build out, then SEO optimize and spend about six months trying to rank well in Alexa. Here is a case study of a site I am assisting with pay attention to the green improvement number below. This comes from different factors but you can shave the waiting time off by starting with a viral blogging platform that already ranks SUPER well.

Ranking well means traffic and traffic means leads and yes you guessed it leads mean sales (increase in revenue). So from a cost of entry and speed of entry which makes most sense? Yes, the viral blogging system.


Regardless of which method you choose the site should have the following;

  • Info regarding company, your product and/or the opportunity
  • A system or shopping cart for product can be purchased
  • Provide info regarding training or what the support team looks like
  • The advantages of joining your team
  • What bonuses are offered if they are opting into your list
  • An auto-responder that sends follow-up e-mails to everyone who provides their contact information. AWeber: this is how you capture, database, organize and follow-up with your leads.  I started with AWeber with my main business opportunity and could not be more content.  Use this link and pay just $1 for the first 30 days.

Once your site is live, your daily activity should be to market it and I recommend using at least a few of these but teach the specific steps with the viral blogging system.

  • classifieds
  • Pay-per-click advertising
  • Paid banner advertising (renting space)
  • Guest blogging
  • Participating in forums and newsgroups (back-links)
  • e-mail newsletter

All these methods will work but we have already cut down the learning curve on having to hire web developers to design a site, we have cut down the time for having to rank well in Alexa but now you need to put out compelling content. Anytime you establish yourself as an expert in any field you are going to attract people that are in that field, or will you? In the beginning I didn’t do so well and practice and practice it got better but my game changing moment is when I read the magnetic sponsoring book!

Get your copy and change your results.

The key is to get a vision, set an action plan and make consistent action daily and results will come with the correct setup.

Your Partner,

Joe Carrera

Internet Marketing Coach



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