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Joe Carrera

I need a new career – Is this something you have asked yourself before?

I am sure we have all felt it from one time to another, lost. Just when we think we have grips on life somehow something can change to take that feeling away. So there we go again trying to figure it all out again.

When this happens you start reflecting and doubting if what you are doing is actually getting you closer to you “Why”. You start asking yourself questions like;

Am I doing the job I love?

Do I have what it takes to become more than an employee at this company to earn more income?

Is this for me?

Is this job making me feel empty?

I have felt these and maybe these are the natural progression of self development because I can tell you those questions come up more frequently as you start to work on yourself (I suggest listening to audios or reading for an hour a day).

I felt like this when I younger and felt I was trapped when I was working for a cable company like it was just eating away my soul. At that point is where I knew that job was not something I wanted to do until I retired (had set a goal to retire at 45). I just knew something had to change because I felt my soul was dying something had to change.

After some soul searching and carving away deeper and deeper I established my why. Once I discovered my why and had built my three sources of income I quit my job.

Let me tell you even though I had my income sources turned on it was still the scariest moment of my life. We are raised to graduate college, get a job with good benefits and retire there so I was breaking the mold. My dad still to this day always asks me if I am going to ever work again and I laugh and ensure him I am not.

Well its been years and my businesses are growing but when your mission is bigger than money itself you will have nothing less than success. My wife runs a retail store in the health niche and as for myself I am in marketing. The lessons I have learned are what I want to share with others.

I believe it will give others the courage to try their goals and will help drop the learning curve by well over fifty percent. 

My sole purpose in this post is to inspire you to use your head (those that want entrepreneurship), change careers and start your own business and take a lesson away from my experience.

Life Lessons Learned

1. You will be waiting all your life if your waiting for the perfect time

Are you sitting on a great idea that needs to be submitted for a patent search and your waiting for the right time? I have lost out on a LOT of good deals because I stalled or over analyzed it and lost out to others who took action. Think of it like this,,, motivation are like showers we take them daily so that is why if you become part of movement, team or start your own business it is imperative you listen to audios daily. What this does for you is inject daily inspiration, motivation and business ideas from other successful people.

I stay motivated daily and get new ideas daily for my business which as an example helped a peer make $3k last week. There are so many audios you can listen to but if your curious which ones I listen to daily here they are.

Sit back today and think to yourself if you are achieving your why and if doing what your doing will get you closer to your why if you did it for 10 more years.

2. Haters goin to hate….

It’s human nature for most when we allow the opinions of others to affect us, hold us back or even worse stop us from attempting our dream. Admit it, many people have changed their mind about something because of the opinions of others. Trust me, when I quit my job I had a lot of people definitely tell me their opinion how it was not a smart move, oh my Joe how are you going to make it, are you crazy, etc, etc.

That is where you are either mentally strong and listening and reading to your daily motivation or you are again just swayed by the opinions of others. You cannot and you will not satisfy everyone just live in the moment and continue to do best for improving yourself….

3. For every action there is a reaction

Courage growing outstandingly when you just quit. When I quit I no longer had to be controlled to 4×4 cubicle and had to carry out direction that I did not agree with 50% of the time. The reaction in this example was me quitting and the reaction was a sense of freedom! I only blame myself for not mustering up enough courage to do it much sooner I was very unhappy for a long time because the leadership there started carrying out things in my mind unethical. (If you never take action, then nothing will happen)

4. Business is dynamic

When our first store opened cash was coming in and I thought ok it will grow on its own and everything will work out. What I failed to realized is the most important part of ANY business is marketing. Let me tell you I had always thought marketing was a joke position but now have a huge respect for it and now do this as a business. I explain the difference between sales and marketing here.

For those of you that know me know that I am always investing in my own education and that I did with marketing. Now marketing is my forte but still learning everyday. So if you are in business now you know what months are you slow months for the year but each month you should be doing some type of marketing in order to drive traffic which will equalize some of those swings between slow and good months.

5. No more bossing you around but you do need discipline

I have had some great bosses and several high level leaders as mentors and for that I am thankful. Those relationships gave me a point of reference which kind of what was my motivation to leave my corporate rat race, inept boss. The saying rings true people leave bosses not jobs…

So with that in mind you know when you have a boss that gives you daily direction, provides deadlines and all that other push to get stuff done you now need to carry that over once you quit. You need to have discipline and structure to your day to ensure you are meeting your own deadlines.

My friend, riches don’t come just like that you need to be producing daily. I like to help some of my team break down their goals in this manner here is a real example.

Monthly goal is $83,342 so we break this down into his daily target of $2,778 per day (cash flow millionaire).

So he is currently in the learning phase but the action plan laid out has the discipline built in where he is learning, applying and earning at the same time.

6. If your not scared its not a big enough goal

If you feel comfortable I will tell you right now you are not stretching enough. Here is the secret…..

You need to start feeling comfortable with being uncomfortable……


When I was younger I used to think successful people were bulletproof never got scared. However, along the years I have a few millionaire mentors and they get scared just like you and I (success leaves clues pay attention). The only difference is highly successful people endure a much higher level of fear, they put it all on the line each and every day until they reach that level of success.

7. Both feet in or not at all

I have met people in my life that no matter what they do they always do just the bare minimum to get by. I don’t know if it was because they did not like their job or if this was just their work ethic or if they graduated with laziness.

Success I have learned comes through daily consistent actions, time and effort. There are no shortcuts you have to pay your dues and if you are ready to put in the work success will follow. Let’s take for example you are an internet marketer and you only put work in 3 hours 3 times a week. I would tell you consistency is key so doing less each day in order to be consistent daily is better than doing to much only 3 days a week.

Since implementing this mentality in my personal, business and fitness life only tremendous results have materialized.

Since I have quit my job and invested into my personal development and taken action I am living a blessed life and now know how to live my life.

Give it a shot!

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Your Partner,
Joe Carrera
Internet Marketing Coach

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