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Joe Carrera

Long Tail Pro Review by Joe Carrera


Up until now many of you have followed along and now understand the basics of why you need a blog versus a static website. So you are all setup and ready to start blogging but in our bootcamp one of the very important steps was to pick your pocket of people in order to drill down and start capturing an audience. Now I am talking very specific pocket of people but you would not be able to effectively do this without the use an effective tool.

I have tried many tools and you could do a basic job with the Google keyword planner tool but as you will see with this review this tool is superior it is what gives me an upper hand advantage over competitors.

I am writing and catering the words to people that want to buy (remember buyer keywords, wink wink). Also remember how I said most of the internet usage always starts as a Google search? Well not always Google but almost always!

So as you see I am blogging with an intention and those that I mentor its my acronym of POPP (stands for Posting on Purpose for Profit) and by doing this I can position myself as the authority or go to expert.

Then the next step is to get traffic to the blog but this stage or step is where many get frustrated and fail and/or quit. Lots of blogs out there are like an abandoned house nothing going on nobody is coming the only people going are your brother or sister.

You could just sit there and blog just to blog and cross your fingers and wait to see if someone shows up but there is a smarter way.

Just as Stephen Covey states “work smarter not harder” that is where competing for lower competition keywords will help rank your blog on Google with not much effort.

Man! Sounds so easy right? It is and with consistent work it will happen.

Well that is my secret, Long Tail Pro.

The software developed by a guy named Spencer Haws to help some of the short comings of other tools like SECockpit and Market Samurai.

Thought it was the best thing since sliced bread.

Until I discovered Long Tail Pro, that is.  But before I get into the comparisons, I’ll start with the basics…

Long Tail Pro Review

Long Tail Pro is the real deal tool not the free stuff like Google keyword planner… This tool allows you to quickly and easily hand pick high profit, low competition tails that will fit your niche.

I hope you appreciate my candor but bottom line it will allow you to capitalize quickly and easily for the buyer keywords for your niche.

Earlier in 2013 the developer added an enhancement of a Platinum version which will knock you out in one punch!!

Long Tail Pro Platinum will do everything PRO does BUT now it is simpler to check out the competition. Those that are gangster in this industry or any industry know that you must be studying your competition and the Platinum version now helps do that! What else? It auto tracks your ranking in Google how sweet is that!!

I roll with the big dogs but you have to invest in your toolkit and this one is definitely a tool you don’t cheap out on.

As another bonus here is a short video where I show you how to easily beat your competition.


Now after seeing this video I know your saying dang this tool is stellar now I can see how it can rank you quick for several keywords.

Click my partner link for instant access…

Once you get the tool shoot me a comment below or email so I can do a quick run on how to leverage this in a 6 figure way!

Totally free, but only when you click my affiliate link above to purchase Long Tail Pro just enter your ClickBank order number in comment or in an email to me. Still have more questions? Well for you I have setup some of the most frequently asked questions. Usually these answer most questions until we have our one hour coaching call to review the tool and get you started and well on your way to money.


Does it work on PC and MAC?

Works on both operating systems

How many computer can I install it on?

Can be installed on up to 3 computers with no extra cost. I have it on my iMac and Mac book Air so when I’m out at the lake with the laptop I am still productive.

Any special per-requisites before installing or buying?

Only thing I needed was Adobe Air but this auto installs with the software if you don’t have it.

What’s the cost?

  1. Free for 10 days if you want to trial it
  2. You can buy the Long Tail Pro version one time payment of $77
  3. You can buy the Long Tail Pro Platinum version for $77 and $17 a month (no contract)

As you can see from my video being able to see the keyword competition aka KC (score is from 0-100 and tells you how hard it will be to compete for on Google literally means $$) makes all the difference in the world and knowing to attack a word at 25 before anything at 40 or above any day of the week.

Where do I buy it?

Either on the link you above or click on my tools page its listed there and its an instant download.

Well, I really have never gotten more questions than this so I think this sums it up. If there does happen to be something else that may have not been thought of, please feel free to add it in the comments below I will respond promptly. Now before you make your decision! Let’s get in the right mindset because once you have my Ace up your sleeve you will be Big Pimpin’ just like Jaz Z!!!!!!

Otherwise, click here to buy Long Tail Pro and qualify for my free hour of coaching support which is valued at $500. Here is to your success (holding up a virtual beer mug for a cheers) in getting your business online! Well, my friend it’s time to go fishing talk to you later!

Your Partner,

Joe Carrera


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