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Joe Carrera

Mindset Training

Wow was 2013 a game changing year!!

This was also was one of the toughest years in my life as you see I went from rock bottom to right over the top.

Just to elaborate some things I didn’t allude to in the video are some of the following;

  • lost my mom to cancer in January
  • started a new business
  • left my job in July
  • broke the six figure mark with my business

When I sit and reflect over the years I had always tried to hustle, I have always tried different businesses and there was just something missing. Something was missing, because I had results but they were mediocre results not enough to walk away from a six-figure salary.

Well in the last half of the year of 2012 my mom’s battle with cancer was taking a turn for the worse and the stress of working 60+ hours a week and having to help nurse my mother was taking its toll. I needed to figure out a way to deal with the stress and I was not about to start smoking AGAIN…

A friend of mine (business owner) suggested I try mediation to help with relaxation. Whoa…. This was what I needed it helped in so many aspects of my life. As I got deeper into learning meditation and different styles and techniques you begin to realize aside from all the serenity and balance you achieve from mediation alone you start to see a shift in thoughts. You are mindset training and your training your subconscious mind that is POWERFUL.

If your mind is not trained you will not be successful long term so don’t take this advice halfheartedly. The moment I became mentally tough is the moment I pushed through the wall of success. There is a point when working in any job or in any business that once you get over the hill success begins to flow in and continue to flow in but 95% of people quit before making it over the hill.

Well it is NYE and I have babbled on a little to long and I need to squeeze in one more workout before the year is over….

I have done several personal development courses and read several self development books as you should be doing. One thing that I have learned from watching successful people and when I define successful people let’s level set these are people that make a million dollars or more a year. Two of my mentors are millionaires but even looking at other great leaders you can sum them up with one saying – Leaders are readers!

Most of us live in a box where we are conditioned all of our lives to think we go to college get our degree, get a job and work in a cubicle all of our lives. So when someone that broke out of the mold like myself looks at the person still in the mold we ask ourselves maybe they are happy like that? What makes me happy is that I don’t have to fight morning traffic, I can determine my own salary, I don’t rely on a 3% raise every year (or if it even comes), and most importantly I can spend all the time I want with my kids.

So a couple of years ago I started to heavily invest my time into personal development and I discovered something very basic, so basic its elementary and you are going to laugh.

Think back to when you were a baby how did we learn? We learned by listening and watching those around us until one day we said our first word. Dada or Mama is the first word for many of us but look at the simplicity we just kept hearing it over and over and in our subconscious mind it was programmed and it comes out after hearing it so many times.

This is how simple it is with mindset training and if you want success and you want to break the mold you need mindset training. The typical successful person must listen to audio for 1 hour a day and read for 30 minutes a day. I actually listen to the inner circle mastermind audios for 1 hour a day.

So when you are ready to start or interested in seeing the program, click here.

Yours Truly

~Joe Carrera

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