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Joe Carrera

So now for the second time in a row the San Antonio Spurs went into Miami and crushed them. I don’t use this term lightly because of the large gap that was maintained.

So I think many will agree the Miami Heat… in one word were dominated. The Spurs winning 107-86 Thursday night and taking the lead now to 3-1 in this series.

Kawhi Leonard played flawlessly again and gave an outstanding performance.

Just in Thursdays game he scored a team high of 20 points on seven of the 12 shooting, pulled down 14 rebounds, dished out three assists and recorded not one but three steals.

Then we had Tony Parker capture 19 points, Patty Mills got 14 and Mr. Tim Duncan had 10 points and an astounding 11 rebounds.

B. Diaw finished with 8 points but more impressively he just fell shy of a triple double and added with nine rebounds and nine assists.

So as a team, the Spurs are shooting at 57% from the field and held the Miami Heat to just 45% shooting… bad ass defense.

LeBron James led the way for the Heat but that is expected and in this game he scored a high of 28 points on 10 of 17 shots and pulled down eight rebounds.


The rest of the Miami Heat team shot just 22 of 54 from the field (this statistic includes King James). Dwayne Wade scored 10 points on three of 13 shooting and then we have Chris Bosh who put up just 12 points on 5 of 11 shooting.

Watching the first quarter of the game you can see the Spurs got off to a great start by quickly capturing a 13 to 4 lead then once we got into the second quarter pushing the lead up to 22 points.

Then by half time they were leading by 19 but the Heat were able to break that lead down to 13 early in the third quarter but the Spurs kept the Heat on (no pun intended) and kept the momentum going. Then the fourth quarter started and the Spurs took it up to a 24 point lead then Spurs kept it on cruise control from there.

The fifth game will be in San Antonio, Texas this Sunday at 8pm EST.


Game 1: Spurs 110, Heat 95
Game 2: Heat 98, Spurs 96
Game 3: Spurs 111, Heat 92
Game 4: Spurs 107, Heat 86

The big question is WHO will win game 5 this Sunday??

~ Joe Carrera

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