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Joe Carrera

Nick Santonastasso Zombie Pranks Norman Reedus

Nick Santonastasso is a great sport someone who suffers from a genetic disorder, Hanhart Syndrome which results in missing limbs. He was born with only one arm and no legs.

However, not like most of letting this get him down he actually leverages it to his advantage by leveraging it like a zombie and pranking people that have NO clue he’s coming.

OHHH–EMMM–GEEE it’s amazing to look at the look on peoples faces when he does it!

Ok so, Andrew Lincoln, who is the actor on The Walking Dead, and Greg Nicotero, who is the effects and creator of the show decided to team up with Nick to come up with a bad ass prank!

Norman Reedus also known as Daryl Dixon.

Well after you watch the video below I think you will agree with me, they SUCCEEDED!!!


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