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Joe Carrera

What do you think of when you hear online marketing business opportunity? Creating banner ads for a business? Writing sales copy? Putting together a social media campaign? Marketing your online retail store like eBay or Amazon? It can be all of these are more.


An online marketing business opportunity is one of the fastest-growing sectors of making money. Online marketing business opportunities are wonderful, because with the right skills, you can market virtually anything and build a solid business with healthy passive income streams.


Let’s begin by looking at benefits of an online marketing business opportunity.


An online marketing business opportunity is versatile. You can do it full-time or part-time. You can start one income stream in one industry and then get started on another one in another industry. In the beginning, you will most likely be putting in closer to full-time hours when learning and implementing. Still, people manage to get going even what starting out part-time.


There are a variety of opportunities. You can market any business from direct sales, to eBay to selling t-shirts online. You can sell your services if you are an accountant, writer, lawyer, real estate agent or other professional. You can build your construction business, get more dogs to walk, or sell cupcakes. You can even sell your marketing skills to others as a consultant and build a team of people to help you write articles, create videos and syndicate content.


Becoming the Online Marketing Business Opportunity

What if you could become the online business marketing opportunity? What if you could access training, build up your skills, train others and recruit them into your own business? What if you could build a team of people and earn a commission from their earnings?


Some people think pyramid scheme, but here is an important difference – pyramid schemes offer no value, while legitimate businesses offer products, services, or training that everyone can benefit from. People can use this for themselves, sell it to others, and/or build a team from which they earn passive income.


This is called direct sales or network marketing.


Another way to earn commissions with an online marketing business opportunity is to sell someone else’s product, for which they pay you a commission. Your marketing skills and efforts bring in the sales and commissions. This is called affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing, like direct sales, are popular ways to earn money and build a business. They are both multi-BILLION dollar businesses.

Before you get started, understand that there is some work you will have to do.

It won’t be built overnight.

It won’t pay out millions overnight (or ever, if you don’t work and stick with it).

It is simple, but not easy.

Simple: you learn marketing skills to market any business model you want. Difficult: Learning how to target your market, read stats, and staying with it even when life gets difficult.

You have it in you to be a businessperson, especially if you are reading this. I can’t promise that you will be profitable or even successful, but what I can promise you is that the skills you learn building an online marketing business opportunity will positively influence both your business and personal life.


Your Partner,
Joe Carrera
Internet Marketing Coach





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