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Joe Carrera

Organic Traffic Secrets Revealed!


Do you want a traffic swarm? Well, let me tell you this is very easy as long as you follow these tips and do consistently daily. Some have asked me “Do I even have to blog on the weekends? Yes, you do or pre-schedule the post so action is happening daily. Syndication is also a must but you will learn more about this in another post.

Most of already know a simple website does not rank well alone on the big search engines when people are searching for a service or product. A blog on the other hand has such a greater competitive advantage because of the daily activity that is produced along with many other factors built into the WordPress platform. So if you have a static website get a BLOG quickly!

I have a case study I am currently working on where a company site did not have a blog and the Alexa ranking was 5.5 million globally and ranked over 375k in the USA but within 30 days after implementing a blog, following 5 core commitments daily the company now ranks below 800k globally and less than 70k in the USA.

Your company will get two traffics in one of two ways which is either paid traffic or free organic traffic. Who doesnt prefer free? Plus after stopping a paid campaign free traffic usually has higher value because you have developed deeper roots to stay longer.

The strongest web traffic secrets you will ever get is to actively syndicate your content by tweaking the content and distribute the content blogs, social bookmarking sites, directories, and article directories because content is king and back-links (not all) are queen! If you get the wrong spammy ones Google will B$#@ slap you back so our marketing training really details this.

Most all search engines will reward the sites/blogs that are optimized correctly so pay special attention when writing a WordPress blog so that you ensure you are properly researching your keyword that you will write about. Keep in mind when you determine the long tail keyword you are going after you must only optimize the article with roughly 2-5% because anything beyond that would be considered keyword stuffing and the algorithms will catch that and I can see a slap coming,

When you first start out one of the very first thing to do is just get 10 blog posts out from under your belt to start a writing style. Once you get content out there you want to understand what your niche is and find “partners” in the same niche. Once you find a good ranking one you want to contact them via their contact page and offer a guest blog and if they agree have a link back to your blog. The major search engines love this because now you are developing yourself as an authority in your subject or service.

Second thing you must focus on once your daily blog is complete is promoting that post for an hour. I listed some examples of where to syndicate above but this is critical because if no one even knows your great content is out there who’s going to read it? Organic traffic comes as it starts to syndicate or when people are searching for the long tail keywords that you have written about.

These are the Two Traffic Secrets You Must Know About

So getting organic traffic all comes down to getting our name out there getting some exposure to your posts or blog. The easier your niche or group of customers finds you then more you will benefit from the traffic. The only way is to get ranked in the major search engines so keep repeating this as your daily mantra if needed.

Now let’s assume all of your optimization has been done properly and I am talking about optimizing your title, meta-tag description, meta-tag keywords and have sparingly added the keyword phrase in the article at the rate of one time per paragraph or per 100 words, then getting back-links is the secret sauce you need to start hustling up the rank.

Here are three ways to generate a few backlinks for website traffic:

  1. Utilize Onlywire to bookmark your content. (these will count as backlinks)
  2. Use Pingler which lets directory sites you exist and updates have been made.
  3. Sign up for Social Monkee to instantly start the link building solution you need. It is $7 for the lowest level but WORTH it.

Secrets That Work

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The Next Step to Unlimited Marketing Success

If you have not signed up for a blogging platform I suggest you get on-board and start properly marketing your business. I can assist you with setting it up if needed and help optimize to get you going but the training that comes with the blog setup will review the 8 core commitments needed. Traffic is king! No matter how good your site is, no matter how long you have spent of your graphics if you can’t drive traffic, you’re not going to make any money or get the exposure you need….

Go make it happen. Join for a blog today!

Your Partner,

Joe Carrera

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