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Joe Carrera

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I’ve made the point before that knowing when and how to delegate is a trait of good leaders. It shows trust in your employees and ensures that you are focusing your own time and skills in your zone of genius — the tasks that only you can do.

But I’d like to argue that there are some things that should never be delegated because they will make you too far removed from your team, open you up for criticism, or ultimately paint you in a bad light.

If you’ve delegated any of the following tasks, I suggest you move these back into your zone of genius:

  1. Core functions or responsibilities
    Neither a company nor an individual employee should ever outsource their core competencies — the tasks that add the most value. As an employee, if you outsource these tasks, your boss may wonder why he needs to keep you around at all. As a company, you may find yourself held hostage if you outsource and your partner leaves or demands more money.
  2. Praise and discipline
    These tasks are two sides of the coin. People will naturally trust and be more loyal to the person who doles out praise and incentives, and the higher up you are in a company, the more important it is to do these activities yourself. Likewise, while disciplining employees is possibly a manager’s most unpleasant task, it shouldn’t be passed off to a subordinate. Don’t name some underling to be the one to have to pass out the pink slips; if it must be done, do it yourself.
  3. Team building and talent nurturing
    Perhaps a manager’s most important job is building, training, and nurturing his or her team, which is why it’s vital not to completely outsource these tasks. Bringing in the right talent, putting together a team that works well, and understanding which members need training, mentoring, or incentives are the tools for success. [click to continue…]


Ok so regardless of what were talking about it can be a boxing match, your kids soccer game or opening a business, one thing cannot be denied…. There will always be a winner and a loser.

If you want to stage yourself with a high percentage of probability for winning to be in your favor then you can start by taking out a pen and paper. These are 10 things you should NEVER do.

1. Be jealous or envious

When people around you succeed that should motivate you not make you jealous or envious. This goes for even seeing competitors do well you must live with an abundant mindset. We all have a gift inside and sadly many of us just do not unwrap our gift none of us are different from others we are all capable of success and achievements. Focusing on jealousy or being envious only side tracks you of progressing along.

2. Living in the past and always looking back

We all face hard times life is not a sunny day scenario day in and day out. I have done several dozen business ventures and I faced difficult times and failure in some cases. You must continue to move on learn from the experience and do not look back and live in the past. Just find ways to move past and around the obstacles placed in your path.

3. Excuses

We have all been there we made a decision that probably was not the best decision but one thing I mentor and coach to is do NOT make excuses for the decision but rather own up to it. Build character and be able to defend your decision and as times passes you will start getting strong in making more calculated informed decisions. You will need to become more methodical and drive for root cause analysis to understand the problem and learning this the mistake will not happen again. [click to continue…]


I talk with several people, small businesses, entrepreneurs but a lot of times when we are in the discovery state I see and hear of countless people (including my own friends) who expect success to come to them.  Like success is just going to land into their laps and fall straight out of the sky.

One commonality between several of the ones I am referring to want the luxuries to appear in front of them because they simply have a “job”. It pains me because I’ll refer them to a couple of readings but you know they’re wrong but their attitude many times is what needs adjusting.

There could be several reasons why your not as successful as you should be but this infograph has 13 reasons that are obvious. [click to continue…]


Before an entrepreneur can create demand for a product, he must first understand the customer. A common misstep for start-up is to be in ‘stealth mode’, meaning they isolate themselves from the outside world, keep their noses to the grind stone and create the product as quickly and efficiently as possible, and then burst into the market to show customers the magnificent gadget.  It’s all hush-hush until the surprise party. It’s no wonder first products fail most of the time, they are conceived, designed, and built without input from the customer.

Marketing is about creating demand for the product. Most customers buy that which is most familiar to them, even if the unfamiliar product is technically superior. Let’s look at some facts about human behavior. It still takes a customer 5 to 8 times of seeing or hearing something before it seems familiar. Customers gather 80% of their information about a product and company from an Internet search. The first action we all take when we are looking to buy anything is to ‘Google it’.  Customers want to buy from suppliers who truly understand them and their problems. Customers want products that provide the complete solution, are easy to install, simple to use, and effortlessly continue to operate and solve their problem forever. They never want to think about their problem again. Regardless of whether your product is business-to-business or business-to-consumer, people buy for emotional and non-analytical reasons.

Create demand before the product is ready

[click to continue…]


Most email providers offer a free trial, but AWeber does not. That’s not a negative. In fact, by putting a value on their service, I believe that many people equate it with greater value. Charging for the service sends the message that AWeber is completely confident that you will love their service and will pull out your wallet to sign up.

AWeber Email Marketing Service for Business

This review is about one of the first email marketing companies on the Web: AWeber Communications. As far back (in Web years) as I can remember, AWeber has been the simple-to-use autoresponder service. If a person emailed you, you could set a sophisticated auto-reply via the service and keep the sales conversation going (or do whatever nurturing you wanted to do). They then branched out to let you send email newsletters and have sign-up forms on your website. Soon after, there were advanced analytics to analyze performance and better tools for segmenting your subscribers.

What I really like

  • Unlimited emails. You are charged by subscribers, not email messages. It is a healthy approach compared to many in the industry that charge by the message (or tiers of messages).
  • They’ve changed the signup forms. It used to be you could only create an ultra-simple form, but now there are many templates and styles to choose from. You can add checkboxes and radio buttons, just to name two of the flexible options.
  • You can set when and how autoresponder messages are sent. You can track who opened a message and who didn’t. You can track if they clicked a link. The key is that it’s all easy to use and set up. Not all email systems are as easy to use or set up. I’m sure you’re not surprised by that statement if you’ve played around in email marketing at all.

Now, most email marketing platforms will let you do this stuff. But AWeber keeps the interface and steps to a minimum so you can get on with running your business. Marketing is important, but many of us do not have a dedicated marketing person or unlimited hours to get our messages out there.

What I think could be improved

Their pricing language is confusing to me.  It is $19/mo for up to 500 subscribers. If you go to 501 subscribers, it is $10 more per month (on top of the $19). Now, I eventually figured it out, but it would have been easier to just say, “501 subscribers is $29/mo.”

Again, email marketing platforms have all evolved and have many advanced features, but AWeber has done a great job over the years of focusing on what the customer, often a small business owner, needs and wants in a customer messaging system. They are fairly prolific with sharing advice and ideas for improving your email marketing, and if you do some searching you’ll find that they have been around a long time. In Internet years, that says a lot, and their blog is worth studying no matter which platform you use.

So no matter if you are an online fitness trainer, chiropractor, landscaper or weekend flea market retailer you need to be staying in contact with your customers.

I have secured you a FREE test drive if you want to try it out on your business.