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Joe Carrera

Sales Funnel Strategy and Methodology and Process Explained for Internet Marketers

The basics to the success of the big internet marketing companies, specifically those with information products is the concept I will be diving into deeper with these sales funnels. Most of these successful Internet marketers position themselves in a niche and set up a highly refined sales funnel process which guides the prospect through a testing channel of marketing that will eventually lead to a sale.

Let’s Discuss the Basics of the Sales Funnel —- sales funnel strategy —-

This can be a very complicated system but let’s simplify this because the sales funnel just captures attention of your traffic that are coming to you site. Some of these visitors came to your site by searching for buyer keyword terms and may be hesitant to buy but they do enter their email to get a bonus, a free report or something of value to join your list.

On the other hand there is typically a 1-3% that purchase at the entry level if your front end of your funnel was setup correctly. When the visitor first gets to you funnel it should nurture the visitor, pushing away people that do not fit the model and weed out those that do not match the opportunity.

At this point your funnel has found someone that is ultra focused and receptive to your funnel (hot lead). Typically these customers that buy in usually buy all in and where the majority of where your profit are made.

In this blog I am going to show you the parts of the sales funnel and teach you some of the terms of the industry when your talking sales funnel. I will discuss how you would create a sales funnel and how to introduce the analysis that you need to add to the front end and once they are in what analysis should be added to the back end so you can continue scaling it.

To break the ice into this subject I am going to tell you part of my story and how I was introduced into the sales funnel for the online business. This had led me to further look into the sales funnel that other Internet marketers were using that I started implementing into my own business. If you do not know what a sales funnel is then my story below will help you understand.

Riding the Sales Funnel —- sales funnel strategy —-

I have been online for a few years started on eBay, doing some Craigslist sales, few e-commerce websites but in late 2013 I wanted to scale a personal e-commerce site and take it above $15k per month. After searching, reading and doing research I stumbled upon a Internet marketer that actually was a documented millionaire who today is now my mentor.

I kick myself in the butt now daily so many years only doing transactions and not until last year did I know I should have been building a list! Well now my friend my different sites now have sales funnel setup. I no longer just throw away my leads because your list is your golden egg which become future customers.

Not sure how in the past even though now that I think about it certain sites I visited for personal enjoyment or just as hobbies I would sign up for newsletters and stuff building someone else’s list.

At the time I didn’t realize but going to certain news sites I always received those pop ups and entered my email because I liked the site, the topic and wanted to stay informed but I would later come to learn these simply were just squeeze pages (the top of the funnel).

After a few years I started to realize the concept but didn’t really fully understand the value behind it and this is what introduced me into Internet Marketing because if I could master this skill I could implement it into one of my brick and mortar businesses and then leverage it for others.

This is perhaps the most critical element to any business (you see I didn’t only say internet business see why here).

For those of you that know me, know that I LOVE to put myself in the most uncomfortable spots and love the ride. Why you may ask for those that don’t know me? I live by my 21 rules of life and rule 6 is what drives me to live like this (which is what I mean about enhancing perspective in article).


Ok, so let’s just do an everyday example. Are you a realtor? Are you in network marketing? Do you own a barber shop? Google your name or your shops name…..
Do you find yourself?

If you have never learned marketing and are not actively pursuing how to learn marketing then I can say your losing out on a LOT of business. No matter what type of business you are in.

If you understand the importance then take a chance and this can be a game changing year for you or your business.

Once you setup your sales funnel you can do some newsletter marketing, blogging about your niche, industry or industry updates but eventually a prospect or customer falls deeper in the rabbit hole (aka sales funnel).

But Wait…I’ve got more!!!! —- sales funnel strategy —-

Based on the free newsletter experience I had there were many direct response offers and a few I had taken the bait because I love investing in my own education. After a year or so I had not found myself purchasing anymore products from this site and eventually unsubscribed.

However, with me taking chances studying and being part of this live process as I was studying for Internet Marketing it had only gave me several aha moments as I was learning and earning from my own sales funnel education process had only begun.

I still admired the sales process from a marketing point of view and began to investigate other similar niches so I can study those sales funnels being with so much free time I do a lot of reading (you will learn more advanced topics like split testing, tweak and test later).

Now Let’s Put The Pieces Together

Even though I stopped purchasing products through that list, I did admire the sales process. I do credit my first motivation to endeavor to become an online Information marketer with this sales funnel which helped me get to where I am now.

To me it made sense, people will be much more likely to buy when you are providing value, free materials which demonstrates the expertise and your authority in the industry.

In the recent years, I have invested money into the study of the exact sales process that Internet Marketers implement that yield between $20-$50k per month. The term to define this process is the sale funnel but this is just one aspect of the entire Internet Marketing piece but an important one at that.

Sales Funnel Key To Success for Any Business

In 2013, I joined an Internet Marketing high-end course with Mr. Tam (documented millionaire), which furthered my Internet Marketing efforts it literally gave me the 10x effect.

As your marketplace for your business industry becomes more competitive the key to your success is setting up the sales funnel. So for those businesses, realtors or even network marketers without a defined sales funnel will be unable to compete with companies and others that do have this in place.

I admit I was one of those hard headed individuals in the past that did not adapt but have since changed and adapted.

Additionally, thanks to tracking there are some high tech analytic’s that can be put in place to track and cut those split tests that do not work and scale those that do.

Before you even worry yourself with metrics you need to first understand the two main components of a sales funnel.

  1. Front end
  2. Back end

I will write a second part to this article that will dive into the top of the funnel, aka – front end. In the third article I will discuss the back end of the funnel and wrap the article series with talking about how you can some of the specific advantages you can leverage from the sales funnel to increase revenue and more importantly stay ahead of your competition.

If you enjoyed this and realize you need to market your business click below and get access my FREE Ultimate Newbie IM Guide!


Stay tuned I am going to write a second piece to continue on generating the leads on the front end.

Joe Carrera

Internet Marketing Coach


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