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Joe Carrera

What’s the difference between Sales and Marketing?


So in my career prior to be an entrepreneur going out on my own I had never had experience in sales and marketing. When I held positions all were either in technical aptitude or they were in an operations role where I managed a piece of a logistical process.

Well for as long as I can remember I have always had a passion for business and entrepreneurship.

Never did I think for a second would I be a sales guy, not me!? I was wrong, DEAD wrong because everything we do daily we are selling. Let me explain.

So, picture yourself in an interview…. What are you doing? You are selling yourself to the prospective hiring ‘Interviewer’.

When a teacher is trying to get her third grade class to calm down and listen to the lesson (probably addition and subtraction at this grade) she is selling to the children.

People get hung up on the entire name ‘sales’ and I will be first to admit I was one of them. The deeper I got into running personal businesses I was asked the question a few times but not knowing how to answer it I have researched it and it was mind blowing to me. Not because it is some magical trigonometry equation but because it is so basic like elementary basic!

So I might as well answer it here…

It doesn’t require fancy words or complex models or concepts.

Listen up, marketing is everything you do to get a customer into the door or a lead into your company. Let me simplify this sentence even more.

Marketing is what brings the customers to the business. About.com sums it up nicely in their first sentence here.

Now let’s flip the switch and move onto sales. Sales is a 1 on 1, interaction with the customer on the sales floor, on the sales call or at the consultation. I love to use examples so let me illustrate this because this is a real life example I will use.

Bottom line, sales is the actual act of well in my case using a sales approach. I train sales people on one that I use frequently (READ model). Basically your employee builds the relationship, establishes the need, advances the solution and then closes the sale but this ONLY happens once you have customers that come to you (you won’t survive if they are not coming).


When a smoothie/nutrition store was opened the sales were slow not picking up to where the sales forecast was budgeted for.

One immediate thing that popped out was foot traffic there was not enough. So while discussing and presenting to the other
it was very clear not enough people were coming in to the store in order to close on sales.

The ticket average was decent for the employees but we knew they needed sales training but even after calculating their sales average where they should have been it was still short.

Customers per day was the issue. I quickly laid out a plan and offered one simple suggestion to the owner (free smoothie cards to the gym go-ers)and he was hesitant.

Now I know sometimes the truth hurts but at this point it was imperative for the small business owner
to see.

There are two options, either your employees can sit there waiting for someone to come in (they were staring at the walls)or you can hand out x number of free smoothie cards in order to drive foot traffic and at least have the opportunity to sell to people who normally either would not have known about you or simply not have come in.

Boom after the first week the increase of foot traffic was over 35% and cost was less than a full tank of gas for the COGS.

Let me drive this point home.

An integrated marketing to sales process, is a huge advantage. It is very common to see small to medium businesses understand and maintain

this relationship because typically they have maintained their entrepreneurial spirit of wearing all hats.

So, the most simplest statement I think is the strongest statement and will wake up all business owners. Either sit there

and wait or get out there and get them in the door, marketing! If you are an online only business then it’s even more critical for you to

do internet marketing since there are over a billion websites on the internet. How will someone know you are there? Internet marketing is one field I specialize in

am doing work with some sites now in order to bring marketing to them in order to drive new traffic which is monetized.



Your Partner,
Joe Carrera
Internet Marketing Coach


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  • Bryan

    You are absolutely right! I tend to see more blurring of the sales and marketing lines in small to mid sized businesses. These typically are the businesses that need the most attention and assistance with marketing in order to drive more customers because the owners or investor usually wears all the hats. Great read..

  • Smithf410

    Heya im for the first time here. I found this board and I find It really useful &amp it helped me out much. I hope to give something back and help others like you aided me. I just joined you in empower 😉

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