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Joe Carrera

Scientific Advertising Is A Book Every Business Owner Should Read – Nobody Should be Allowed to Do Advertising Until This is Read


Scientific Advertising once you read this book you will see how it outlines an approach that will minimize your risks on bottomless budget campaigns.

We have all been there just thrown a campaign out there with no calculated steps and we even continued dropping money into this campaign with no real scientific approach to the ad.

Well if you have not caught on that is just a money waster, time waster and just not business savvy.

This book shows you steps on how to approach it based on fixed principles that have been studied and tried over time and let me tell you it gives you maximum coverage and will increase customer response.

The main idea the reader should take away from this book is that advertising is all about selling and that’s just about it. In its simplest forms it is about getting the customer to hand over their hard earned cash for your product or service.

If you want a successful campaign you will be taught different strategies to employ that help you target buyer traffic not doing as some would think to do which is try to put someone in the buying mood.

Remember, the riches are in the niches not everyone wants your product or service because I know a lot of network marketers who say this product is for everyone.

Let me break the news to you the product is not for everyone!

Lets say your company invented a new asthma product that is amazing but I don’t have asthma so even if you are offering this product for free I don’t want it….I don’t need it!

Lesson here? Find your target market because if you are marketing to everyone, you are marketing to NO ONE. I am offering a buffet of information you choose what you want your mind to eat but I’ve got it working on a couple of niches.

It’s like the saying goes I can lead the horse to water, but I can’t make the horse drink the water.

When the student is ready, the teacher will appear not everyone is ready for this information..

OK let me step off my soap box just have seen so many business owners or even real estate agents just not use the correct methods just shooting from the hip but there are types of advertising that should be employed.

First if you don’t have your avatar chosen you need to stop doing everything and research to see who your avatar is (avatar – who your ideal customer is).

Once you have some of the scientific methods in place then testing of the ad campaign comes into place to gauge its acceptability.

This is split testing but you are mainly testing the front end of your funnel and tweaking small changes to see the effects.

The book gets into this topic with high level of detail and is amazing and such an eye opener!

Do you know your numbers?

Another point emphasized that sticks out is about the sellers individuality, their personality, their style which are all comprised for the overall identity.

Never looked at it like this but it was intriguing to read this portion of the book to learn how to build trust between the seller and buyer.

The seller must appear in a certain way and if not done correctly can mean the difference between massive success and total failure.

So watch for this piece when you read the book and put these principles into action to build trust from your community.

Knowing that advertising is all about turning leads into sales and beating the competition you as a seller still need to show some courtesy.

Negative advertising is never, I repeat never a good strategy we have seen a lot of the large MSO’s attack each other on commercials but you notice those didn’t last long and the results were not effective either.

Results have dictated having a happy buyer yields more sales than a grouchy buyer.

Advertising doesn’t need to misleading nor negative toward competition because it will give the entire industry a bad wrap.

The methods taught in this book could be 80 years old but the core values and fundamentals are more than still relevant today in advertising.

There is another topic of persuasive advertising which if you are already in the discipline of the industry you know ad copy is important.

So no matter what kind of campaign please apply the basics rules that you will learn in this book because it will be measurable and guaranteed some degree of success.

Click below to download your free copy of the book.


Your blogging partner,
Joe Carrera
Internet Marketing Coach


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  • James Bonner

    Thanks for the book we will be talking soon!

  • Maggie

    I’ve read the book and can tell you it took me from 14k a month in sales to over 25k. If your business is at a plateau or not moving this will give you the break through needed it did for me.


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