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Joe Carrera


Small Business Marketing – Content Creation

So I think many of you realize by now how important marketing is for any business. Doesn’t matter if you own a gym, run a sandwich shop or sell roses at a flower shop! If you have a static website your not marketing effectively and missing a HUGE market share.

Hence, that is why blogs are critically important because search engines continue crawling for new content. When on the other hand static websites are worthless when it comes to SEO! True story….

So here is a service I offer, I will create a 500+ word, keyword-optimized, article.

Why? Well if your understanding the benefits of SEO (stop searching for marketing ideas) and marketing it will bring you new customers/leads and BOOM your ranking like a master marketer.

Just look around this blog see what I mean billy jean?

The cost is a one-time fee of $75 for one article; $175 for three articles; or $225/mo for one new article per week.

Turnaround time is 3-4 days so please plan accordingly. Please contact me before ordering I stay very busy so not able to accept all orders.

Here is my policies on content creations:

No refunds, and includes one complimentary change to satisfy your feedback but don’t think you’ll ask for this since I’m the SEO expert (wink,wink).

Place your order using the appropriate link below;

Ok for the serious business owners. Do you want to learn exactly how I do this so you can continue marketing for your business? Help a friend with their business or just simply charge other people to do it? Well buy the course I did, learn, implement, and earn money if you’d like but more importantly start to monetize your business.

Here you go; the $15k Formula.

Phone Consulting (Only If I am available and approve)

  • Phone Consulting $100/hour

1-Hour Speaking Fee for Private Exclusive Events/Seminars/Workshops

  • $25,000 for 1 hour speaking plus all air
  • International please add $10,000.00 for travel days.

If you are interested, contact my personal assistant via email at formercareerguy@gmail.com with subject line “COACHING” (1-6 months advanced notice required).

If your budget is not enough for 1-on-1 consultation, then other options are to join Former Career Guy’s opportunity programs (and get video training) and purchase our products. I don’t want you to get average results I want you to get EXCEPTIONAL results and our training programs is what is the difference to go from good to great.

Reminder I’ve said it once and ill say it again! Marketing brings customers in the door and your sales people close the deal. Have you heard this saying before?


Yours Truly,

Joe Carrera

Internet Marketing Coach


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