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Joe Carrera


Ok so regardless of what were talking about it can be a boxing match, your kids soccer game or opening a business, one thing cannot be denied…. There will always be a winner and a loser.

If you want to stage yourself with a high percentage of probability for winning to be in your favor then you can start by taking out a pen and paper. These are 10 things you should NEVER do.

1. Be jealous or envious

When people around you succeed that should motivate you not make you jealous or envious. This goes for even seeing competitors do well you must live with an abundant mindset. We all have a gift inside and sadly many of us just do not unwrap our gift none of us are different from others we are all capable of success and achievements. Focusing on jealousy or being envious only side tracks you of progressing along.

2. Living in the past and always looking back

We all face hard times life is not a sunny day scenario day in and day out. I have done several dozen business ventures and I faced difficult times and failure in some cases. You must continue to move on learn from the experience and do not look back and live in the past. Just find ways to move past and around the obstacles placed in your path.

3. Excuses

We have all been there we made a decision that probably was not the best decision but one thing I mentor and coach to is do NOT make excuses for the decision but rather own up to it. Build character and be able to defend your decision and as times passes you will start getting strong in making more calculated informed decisions. You will need to become more methodical and drive for root cause analysis to understand the problem and learning this the mistake will not happen again.

4. Start to ripen by now growing and learning

Do you know anyone on this earth that knows everything? Exactly I don’t either and I am getting close to my 40’s and still invest $5-$10k per year in educational courses. We need to continue to learn and be inspired from other entrepreneurs, and it doesn’t matter if their billionaires or your standard start-up entrepreneur we all can learn from each other.

5. Guilty by association – negative people

Do you know someone that is constantly making excuses why they are in the situation they are in? Or someone that is constantly complaining about their job but never do one thing to change their situation? People with this you should avoid like the plague especially if they are not receptive to feedback to change their ways. From my experience no matter what you tell people like this they have trained themselves to always see why something will not work or to see why something is negative. To illustrate lets say two people won a $1 million dollar lottery the negative person will say “great now I have to pay a boat load in taxes” and the positive person will be very grateful and appreciative.

6. Not having a plan to follow daily

Being retired before 40 years of age when I first left my job I had always preached time management but easily relaxed on that not sticking to my core commitments. Being an entrepreneur you are not managed and you need to have the discipline to manage yourself and your schedule. I now have a list of items I do daily and ensure that I focus my time on income producing activities. So get a to-do list and analyze if those steps are getting you closer to your goals.

7. Not adapting or changing

Early on in my career I read the book “Who moved my cheese” its a great simple read if you have not read this book yet. However, in business you have to be willing to change and adjust your plan for growth of your business. A great You need to be willing and able to adjust your plan and overall strategy, because there is a very good chance that you will need to adapt to maintain success in the future. A great show if your going to watch TV is The Profit Marcus Lemonis helps failing businesses fix problems with changing and adapting (people, product or processes).

8. Let your bark be bigger than your bite

Think of the miniature pincher who barks at all the big dogs at the park but when the big dog gets angry the min pin goes a running! As an entrepreneur we do not sit back and just talk we have a plan but the magic happens with EXECUTION.

9. Chasing money versus the passion

I see a lot of young and eager people embark on their entrepreneur journey but lose sight of their passion they just focus on the dollar. I can admit early in the journey your tunnel visioned for the profit but learn to create and give value and this will drive the results you are looking for and the money will follow.

10. Let failure stop you

Most statistics state that eight out of every 10 new businesses fail. Successful entrepreneurs go into everything knowing that there is a chance of failure. If in fact they fail it is viewed as part of their growth and they keep plugging along it is only failure if you do not continue but most importantly do not take the lesson away from the stumble.

Howard Schultz is a perfect example, he first talked to 242 potential investors, but over 217 of them said no but the moral of the story is he never once let failure stop him (source).

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