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Joe Carrera

Are you a Mom? If so, thank you for making life fun, fulfilling and meaningful and sometimes tough on us as kids…..well I know at least my mom was tough on me a lot but it definitely shaped who I am today.

If you have the title of “Mom” I have a deep profound respect for you because I know exactly how hard it can be and if you are a single mother even more so.

So from me to you, Thank you!

As we continue to grow our team and more people become customers of our products I am starting to see some amazing women emerge. Lives are being transformed in ways I did not even imagine possible but it is an amazing and fulfilling experience to be apart of this.

The money is a plus for being part of this company but more so for me is the vision and the freedom! My sole desire is to inspire others to want to live their dreams and show them how I did it.

I especially love to work with people that have experienced past struggles because we use this as their motivation for themselves and inspiration to get others started.

However, this phenomena has taken a life of its own because you know what you don’t have to be perfect to be successful….you just need to right steps and drive daily and you will be successful.

work from home opportunities for moms

This post is more geared to the mothers I have helped on my team, just seeing some of you break out of the stigma that you will never be successful is so rewarding and that is why I love to empower others.

You have become such a stronger person and even if someone were to take it all from you today…..you would not be affected because not only are you a mentally strong person but you have acquired skills that will earn you money day in and day out.

It all started with us first getting our mindset right so we can go from good to GREAT!

Now you are in a position to pay it forward and help another person with a struggle and help them changed just as you did. You are meant for greatness and with your words of knowledge and guidance we will empower more people.

So ladies keep empowering each other, keep inspiring and empowering lives, don’t judge each other because none of that matters. I think this picture quote illustrates my point here;

empowered woman

Now to all my dudes out there I work with many of you on a daily basis now and we will continue doing what we do.

Let’s remember its not about being a tough guy but about being compassionate, helping others and paying it forward so more can enjoy the lifestyle of not having to work which ultimately means spending more time with our loves ones.

Well my friends I need run my workout partners is waiting for me at the gym and I’m late he’s gonna kill me but once he reads this post he will understand 😉

As a last bonus for those moms that are trying to break through the plateau or need that extra boost to break through. Feel free to connect with me so we can chat but here is a list of 30 habits of highly empowered women that I have had the honor of working with.

Just always remember, when you are trying to achieve a certain goal find yourself a mentor that has achieved something you are trying to reach and model yourself after them.

Success leaves clues so it is imperative that you incorporate some of these into your daily routine.

Lastly before I get into the list and I know many have heard me say it a thousand times but it is the critical foundation between the difference between being successful and not being successful.

I love to use this metaphor to illustrate how powerful changing your mind will change your life.

Ready? Ok check this out..

At 211 degrees, water is HOT.
At 212 degrees, it boils and with boiling water, comes steam…and with steam can power a locomotive.
One extra degree…makes ALL the difference…and the one extra degree of effort in business and in life…..separates the good from GREAT!!!

This note above is SOOO POWERFUL!! As you see just the smallest tweak in this case 1 degree makes ALL the difference in the world.

I see this so often so before giving up or if you are looking for some guidance or feedback to see what is missing just reach out I would love to see if I can give some insights.

At times you just need an outside perspective because you are so close to the grind you are not seeing the whole picture as someone else could from an outsider vantage point.

So moms without further ado let’s get into the habits…

1.    Empowered women have a mission to carry out. Most of the time their mission is bigger than money.

2.    Empowered women avoid negative stereotypes and focus on being their best self and continually invest in their own education (never stop growing because when you ripen you start to die).

3.    Empowered women ask for what they want, they go after it because without asking you never know the answer (be decisive and make a decision, NOW).

4.    Empowered women always keep an open mind and understand that feedback is a gift and welcome new ideas and feedback. They understand not having an open mind is actually having limiting beliefs which holds so many back from breaking through.

5.    Empowered women understand fear is just that and it’s normal. Knowing if the goal doesn’t create any fear its not big enough.

6.    Empowered women spread love and are very compassionate which I have seen their open heart attracts great opportunities and people to the.

7.    Empowered women take care of their healthy and make it a first priority and understand if their energy levels are not up to par they cannot help others.

8.    Empowered women show gratitude and give thanks and this gives them a life of abundance.

9.    Empowered women are accepting of the differences in all because we are uniquely different and at different stages of our lives. This mindset is what allows them to show women are all equally as important no matter what stage they are at.

10.    Empowered women surround themselves with other empowered women and also empowered leaders because of the mentoring and support that leads to great things. Understanding you are an average of the 5 people you surround yourself with the most.

11.    Empowered women disassociate themselves with any negative energy circles in their lives. In doing so allows the process of self development to continue in pursuit of the vision in mind.

12.    Empowered women have a defined list of core values and live to them it is the only way they know and will fulfill their life’s purpose without a doubt at any cost.

13.    Empowered women have clarity in their goals and in their life. They believe in it before even embarking their journey and when they write goals they write their outcome statement so clear anyone that reads the goal can visualize themselves there. (We teach this exact process in one of our courses)

14.    Empowered women take 100% ownership in everything that they do no matter how difficult they make a decision because they know it is them that will create their success.

15.    Empowered women truly believe ANYTHING is possible and as stated before they believe it before it happens and start taking daily consistent steps until it is achieved.

16.    Empowered women know when things are not working in their lives and make the tweaks necessary to get back on course. Now we are all human and sometimes we are so deep into our path we need that mentor to give us that 25 thousand foot view so always have a mentor.

17.    Empowered women know the value of ALWAYS investing in self development. Knowledge is power is a saying we have all heard but in actuality Knowledge is power, when applied.

18.    Empowered women do not put any focus on negative and always focus on the positive. It is their perspective that allows for this.

19.    Empowered women do not say why they cannot do something they always say how can I do this. There is always a way and the mindset being trained with inner circle audios is what helps conquer the mind for this.

20.    Empowered women do not live in the past, nor in the future but live in the moment. Have you ever heard when living in the past you are depressed, living in the future you are creating anxiety so just live in the now.

21.    Empowered women are honest with themselves and others and understand sometimes you must have difficult conversations with people but living in this manner you will live with no regrets.

22.    Empowered women always pay themselves first then eventually grow into having more means to give back to the world.

23.    Empowered women aspire and empower themselves by inspiring and empowering others.

24.    Empowered women do not blame others it’s either to be or “it’s up to me” mantra for them.

25.    Empowered women have no problems saying no they are very blunt and do not let guilt or obligation keep them from living their mission.

26.    Empowered women never, never, never, never, never, never, never, never give up on their vision or life’s purpose (I think you get my point).

27.    Empowered women have a strong relationship with the beliefs of faith always making time daily for reflection and meditation to clear the mind chatter. Meditation is huge and is becoming more mainstream I will do some more future blog posts in the future regarding this topic.

28.    Empowered women have balance in their lives…….mind, body and spirit

29.    Empowered women will break through a brick wall to get to their goal no matter what if they are not able to get over or under the wall it is like superwomen perseverance.

30.    Empowered women spend a portion of their day doing the right activities and in our industry they focus on income producing activities (the 3 steps) instead of just keeping busy.

Bonus Habit: 

31. Empowered women have a passion for helping others and literally illustrate one of my favorite quotes “act without expectation” Lao Tzu..

Of course there are more habits of highly empowered women and the list could go on and on and you could comment below and add some you feel should make the list.

However, here are the most popular amongst the empowered women I have had the pleasure to team up and work with.
I was lucky enough to marry an empowered woman who continually pushes me and vice versa read more about here.

Joe Carrera
Empowering the lives of others….




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