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Joe Carrera

Top Facebook Marketing Strategies for Business

These are the top Facebook Marketing Strategies for anyone that is learning to market themselves or their business.These tips are designed in order to drive the best attraction of your fan or customer base. By using these Facebook Marketing Strategies you will more likely target your niche of customers who will in turn share your content, recommend your page and actually bring in more fans.

However, for those of you that have experimented before with Facebook advertising you know passing their filters can be very tricky on many occasions and you will get your alert of why your ad was not approved. These top Facebook Marketing Strategies take time and they are not for the faint of heart so be patient, digest this info and then give it a shot.

Top Facebook Marketing Strategies List from 1 – 10

Top Facebook Marketing Strategies #1 Create Compelling Content

Most businesses post about their product or sale of the day and then scratch their head wondering why their page never gets any traction in the growth stage. Compelling content mean just that it compels the reader, it resonates with them and it makes them want to share for a killer status update on their Facebook feed. In our state and age of technology like it not we are in the age of information and we want information, NOW.

Also having informative articles and links and links to very informative or helpful blog posts. Now remember this should be written in a format that fits your avatar, your niche because as the saying goes the riches are in the niches.

Top Facebook Marketing Strategies #2 Ask and You Shall Receive

If your content is measuring up to the tall order of compelling then it will be easy to create engagement from your fan base or followers. Easily just asking for them to watch a video, like a post or share a post is a great way to socially syndicate your content. There are studies that show if a business were to put up two posts one that had a call to action and one that did not the one with the call to action would get more engagement, go figure (wink wink).

Top Facebook Marketing Strategies #3 Be Transparent

What I mean about being transparent is you should share something personal about your life. This allows your fans to get to know you on a personal level either about you or about your brand. This is the perfect seg-way to inject some of your personal touch or personality into the business.

Top Facebook Marketing Strategies #4 Push Engagement From Everyone

When someone does engage with your post always return the favor. As long as it is manageable always engage with fans because its like real life face to face you would like someone to talk back with you versus it being one way. The ultimate goal is to have a lounge where fans not only engage with the page but also with other fans on the same page. One best practice is to mention a fan is a status update or something to provide recognition about the fan because just as in management EVERYONE loves recognition.

Top Facebook Marketing Strategies #5 Make it Fun to Subscribe

This is life not chemistry class so make it fun and enticing for subscribers to subscribe to your list or to buy from you. Coupons, contests or just discount offers makes it interesting for many different types of fans which will also encourage fans to want to share status updates. Simple example used by many is share this status the person with the most likes will get a prize.

Top Facebook Marketing Strategies #6 Clear Vision for Fan Base

You need to have a vision for your Facebook fan page in order to know how to drive this vehicle. You want to create a page that is a community with two-way discussions regarding your niche. For example, if you have pet store you could create a community that helps drive pet adoption or pet care tips and having engaging content will not only drive engagement between the page and your fans but also between fans. Just keep in mind you need to have a clear vision at the front end so this can materialize.

Top Facebook Marketing Strategies #7 Engage With Other Pages And Profiles

Remember being in a niche in most cases there are similar communities built out there on the Internet world and more importantly in the Facebook world. Going to other pages to share comments and likes will give your page a spike because its basically shared traffic because people like to have variation to information.

Top Facebook Marketing Strategies #8 Host An Event

The internet is so powerful in today’s age. Not only are people earning a full time income online but you can host meetings, do webinars, do hangouts on Google and so much more. If your fan base is very spread out or is a community that could benefit from a live engagement then you could do a Q&A hangout on Google to get creative but to drive excitement from your fans.

Top Facebook Marketing Strategies #9 Teamwork Makes the Dream Work – Team Up With Other Leaders

Do a guest blog on each others blog and share that on Facebook, do a shared content and share that on each others wall which will leverage each others page for more fan awareness. I like to call these joint ventures and have taken part of JV’s in other senses before.

 Top Facebook Marketing Strategies #10 Sit Back Watch, Learn, Adjust and Scale

All of these Top Facebook Marketing Strategies are great to do but if you are not tracking results from these you can easily spend time on methods that are just not working for your type of community. Knowing your numbers is important because this is what will help you convert fans to customers and scale more so on the income producing marketing strategies.

Top Facebook Marketing Strategies Infograph


Top Facebook marketing strategies summarized

Most of the 1o can and should be used daily and some should be done less often than others like once a week or once a month. If used correctly you can get explosive growth in your Facebook community. Once you build a nice sized community and provide great content on a regular basis your fans will then pick up some of the slack by sharing and engaging on your page.

It is now up to you to, TAKE ACTION and use these strategies to create more sales. However, we have talked about the 3 C’s of my marketing system (read here). If your company is not even online and you do NOT have a sales funnel your behind the 8-ball and need a system to increase your revenue.

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