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Joe Carrera

What’s so different between Apple and its competitors? What’s the thin line of difference between Groupon and its many clones? MARKETING! The stories they tell, the way they connect, the compatibility they achieve with customers, The sort of conversations, the way they create customer value, the business maps they roll out are all differently thought and executed.

The difference is not them, the difference is HOW THEY THINK and THEN THEY BECOME! They are all leading on their terms by selling an idea that only they thought but hold no ego or pride for the same (they know personal brands are always at stake), they are forever willing to take a step ahead for the customer, the very profitable way! Great marketing campaigns are Scalable, Strategic, Intentional, and Accountable!

Marketing Secret Sauce

The foremost thought is to put aside your old school of thought and marketing guides. Come on, we live in an era where you can shell out some pennies and mail out to millions of clients in a few hours. Things are evolving at an exponential pace and your marketing strategies must be aligned with the most progressive marketing mixes. It all finally boils down to building great influence with the customer that makes a product a BRAND! Also, it is highly critical to do a detailed SWOT (strength, weakness, threats, and opportunities) analysis of your business before creating a business marketing campaign/strategy.

Seth Gobin, one of the most top notch marketers of all times had said in dozen best selling books, “All marketers are LIARS” this was a blunt-honest approach. He re released the book and crossed out LIARS and put “STORY-TELLERS”.

Some really differently real-time thought marketing efforts could be:

    • Offer small businesses to use a new software at a shoestring fee – just $10 – with the promise that the fee would be donated to a charity. Social media karma goldmine.
    • A jewellery courted retailers to visit her brand booth at some big trade show by sending love letter-style notes instead of making the usual phone call.
    • Marketing firms can take social media to the next level by seeking out and participating in specialized niche web communities.
    • The owner of a renovation company invited neighbors of remodeling projects to call him directly with complaints.

The world is here; Digital! Online marketing is one of the most powerful marketing campaigns even marketing gurus can vouch for. When it comes to social media campaigns, it is known to be a leading channel of online marketing that if aggressively done can lead to staggering results. However, according to reports released by Ragan/NASDAQ OMX, there are only 5% brands that are highly satisfied with their social media campaigns, and that’s jaw dropping! The difference between 5% and 95% is the right tools, basic analytic, publishing with regularity, and the like.

What great social marketers do differently?

Lack of measurement is what makes social media fail. According to prominent surveys about 90% of the brands measure social in terms of likes and number of followers, however only about 31% measure it against sales. Jarring, isn’t it? The two major mistakes in social marketing and largely online marketing are confusing reach for engagement and confusing clicks for conversions. The great marketers will always focus on tracking conversions.

Most of the social media marketers will panic owing to low engagement. But the great ones will smile with confidence and unleash the real factors behind the low engagement, prepare a better map, incite some advancement and pick the business up from it went low. Lack of engagement isn’t always about not so effective content or problem with users, but largely about what drives user behaviour.

Big daddy APPLE’s marketing thought UNLEASHED:

    • They are powered by deeply entrenched and committed employees. They create products that “TURN customers ON”. They are highly obsessed with understanding the customer’s experience.
    • One of their methodologies also includes participatory design and usability testing. They integrate customer experience to their design and development process.
    • Eliminate things, to progress. Before iPod and Smartphones, there were mp3 players, Apple wanted to distill that to ‘1000 some songs in your pocket’ idea.
    • Streamlined, compatible and intuitive. They make an effort to offer a customer a complete digital/entertainment realm altogether.
    • Their unique products are advertised very provocatively. Apple’s product development utilizes multiple branded partners. No other companies’ brands to be included in Apple stores.
    • Cannibalize – You cannot be everything at all times. Apple dropped off iPod the mini when it launched Nano.

Want some more food for thought? Look out for other online marketing tips that work greatly:

    • Emphasize on one strategy at a time
    • Test and track everything (Have a training on anatomy of a link)
    • Take constant actions irrespective of results
    • Focus on generating leads (its all about the list)
    • Target the young children of your old/bygone clients
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