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Joe Carrera

Twitter Retweets – See how retweeting will build your brand and increase your following


Retweeting is one of the most effective ways to build your following. In part of the syndication process I use it daily when I am syndicating my information but does it only need to be from your content? No, you can actually retweet content from other sources as well in order to bring value to your followers.

Remember, whatever business you are in you are in a niche and you may have 99 problems but a niche ain’t one (see funny post about this).

I know some of you right now are probably asking yourself so how does that help me? Don’t just take the tweet copy it and then put it out there on the big Twitter megaphone you need to actually quote it with the RT abbreviation and name the source.

Here is an example of what a retweet would look like you either see RT@user or retweeted like in the picture below.


By doing this you are helping your current following or niche find useful information they might not have ran into before. So you being the authority in your niche people look to you to provide content, tips, tricks, savings etc.

There is a balance you must determine in your social media syndication campaign by asking yourself how many tweets are about your content, how many are about your niche and how many are just tweets to get engagement from your following.

I suggest only using about 20-25% of your tweets to be about your products or services because have recently adjusted my campaign to roughly 50%. This method brings me to the analogy of it being just like SEO and the juice your page flows out to outbound links. You can’t hog all the page rank juice and the same goes with Twitter the balance needs to be there and your following and brand grow with Twitter retweets of relevant content people can use.

Lets say for example you are into bodybuilding (yes random I know but since the picture example above was that niche I’m staying the course) and you have relationships built with others in the industry you would network with them so you could use some of their information. Knowing when it is going to be released can be a huge factor so you can sync up with them so you can retweet before its flooded out there.

If you don’t have a relationship with someone in the industry then start off with following some of the industry leaders. These are what I consider thought leaders they are unique and typically have trend setting info.

Show your peers some love and spread the light your following will smile and appreciate the info your bringing them. A good percentage of the time you will find that followers will be having aha moments, retweeting what you tweeted if it resonated with them.


If you can bring humor into the post occasionally or inject your personality into it people will be more drawn to you so keep it transparent.

Keep to your industry’s publications, newsletters or blog (great back link opportunity wink, wink) this can be a great source of information for your niche that can be given to your following. This will also give you the edge you need in order to start growing followers as well because you are giving value via your information content.

I have always said leaders are readers and if you are living this philosophy daily then in this Twitter strategy you will be staying abreast of the information in your industry which keeps you fresh on what is trending.

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