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Joe Carrera

URGENT Message for MLM, Network Marketing, and Direct Sales Leaders

This message is if it applies to you or know someone in the industry….

Calling all leaders in MLM, Network Marketing and this will have the biggest impact on Direct Sales and that organization as a whole….if you have a nice size network and are looking to make bigger results than you have made in the last year (this is for the next 60-90 days) then listen up.

I am embedding a video below of a business partner of mine, David Wood, the Founder of Empower Network.

Trust me, you will want to watch this video and if you know me personally you know that I have retired myself from the 9-5 rat race.

I help others do the same and you never see me spam my newsfeed because at Empower Network we market using an advanced set of marketing techniques and strategies.

So before you pre-judge, watch the video I would not waste your time but I will tell you upfront I am looking for serious leaders.

As for me, I am self made entrepreneur and network marketer and just about completely financially independent and paid in full. Trust me it took hard work and I cannot guarantee my results are what you will get some of our commissions are as high as $3,000 (no income guarantees see our income disclosure).

In the Empower Network organization you are issued a ring when hitting the $1 million dollar just as you see here.


Empower Network has produced 12 million dollar earners, has made over $100 million dollar in sales and is on a mission to create 100 million dollar earners (this was all since inception which is 2 1/2 years).

Best part about it was this was all done online, not doing home parties, not doing three way calls or hanging around Walmart trying to meet new prospects to pitch to.

Empower Network now has over 30k affiliates that have earned commissions.

Ok enough with all the nerd stats but I knew most would want to know these numbers so I did the due diligence for you 😉

So watch the video below, and when your done watching it if you want to be part of the biggest growth explosion in the history of network marketing in years…..

go ahead and contact me directly at 713-416-1269 or lock arms with me, here. 

Check out the video we promote, here.

I am so excited the next 60-90 days are going to be EXPLOSIVE so much money is going to be made and this will be a time of compression so if you know the time is NOW.

Have questions just hit me up.

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