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Joe Carrera

Wake Up Now Review – Is it a scam or legitimate business opportunity?


In today’s blog I am doing a wake up now review , I have been approached quite a few times and if you have not been approached not sure where you are living but with this being such a new opportunity so many people are posting this all over Twitter and Facebook daily.

If you stumbled upon this post you were searching for what I call buyer keywords regarding this opportunity in a quest to find out more information before making the decision to join.

Will I be asking you to join my team in this post or at the end of this post? No, because I am not with this opportunity I actually just blog daily and get paid to do so but that is another story.

However, I do strong encourage you to read this wake up now review before making a decision because at least you will have made an informed decision.

There are over 5k home based businesses on the market and new opportunities pop up all the time actually in many cases, daily. With the home based business niche being so big it can be a nightmare for anyone that is actually trying to build a residual income.

For those of you that wonder why someone would want to build a residual income I invite you to read this post.

If you have already read it then you are on your quest of fulfilling 1 of the 3 sources of income you should have. This review is going to help you decipher at least this one from so many others as well as give you a better understanding of the MLM industry but mainly into the Wake Up Now Business .

I am no way affiliated with this company what so ever I just blog for a living and wanted to review this company from the time I was approached 8+ times. So rest assured this is an unbiased wake up now review my friend.

I have been on the Internet doing affiliate and product sales since 2006 but from a much smaller scale and not until recently did I scale it up in a large way in a few different niche sites that I have.

My single goal is to inspire you to use your head that is all. The advice I am providing will help you build any business online whether it is wake up now or if it is an actual brick and mortar business that wants to capture more leads that convert into sales.

For many joining the online revolution allows them a certain lifestyle (basically location freedom, large commissions, no fighting traffic in the mornings to work and much much more) which many call the dot come lifestyle.

In this wake up now review I am going to dive into the following topics:

1. Discuss exactly – What is WakeUpNow

2. Explore the products and services that are made available to members of WakeUpNow?

3. Explore what the WakeUpNow Compensation Plan?

4. Is WakeUpNow a Scam?

5. Generating leads for my WakeUpNow business?

Wake Up Now Review | WakeUpNow | Wake Up Now MLM – Company

WakeUpNow was begun in 2009 and former corporate leader started this company in a traditional business by the name of Troy Muhlestein.  Muhlestein started this company when he was let go of his corporate company which is a difficult thing to go through.

However, many business savvy individuals understand our workforce today is not how it was in the past where you could retire after 25 years of service. In the workforce today I like to compare it to an NFL football team when the team needs to perform at a much higher rate what do they do?

They switch out the coach and that is our climate in the workforce today you work but there is a high likely probability of being laid off. I left the corporate world in the summer of 2013 I was building residual income off and online because I knew as I got older I would get tired of ducking and dodging lay offs.

When this opportunity was created it was created with the intention of all being helped versus like in many traditional MLM opportunities where only the top leaders are making money. One of the biggest intentions were to help all types of families at all different economic levels.

In the summer of 2013 (August to be exact), wakeupnow made it to the list of one of the fastest growing network marketing companies with over a 600% gain. One of the major advantages is this biz opp is so new there is going to be so many people joining and as you see if you haven’t noticed ranking on Google for these keyword terms is simple.

The key here would be researching the right long tail keywords and ranking and banking for the correct buyer keywords.

Wake Up Now Review | WakeUpNow | Wake Up Now MLM – Products

Wakeupnow is well known amongst many circles for living the “Hub” life because they bring software solutions for a better life. They have a proprietary software which is the HUB. When I first heard this I was confused thought it was some street lingo for this biz opp but its actually the software. The HUB is a back-office search engine type tool that helps you find discount deals on just about ANYTHING you can think of.  I am talking vacations, cleaning products, cell phone bill reductions and even local deals.

The beauty of the system is when someone sees the value in receiving discounts for services you are already buying daily you would buy them through the HUB versus conventional methods.

One of the very popular software applications that make the membership worth it is the TAXBOT because even if your not in with this opportunity those that are self-employed or need to track meals and entertainment this app rocks because you can take and track these items so you are IRS compliant.

Wake Up Now Review | WakeUpNow | Wake Up Now MLM – Compensation Plan

Now please understand in this wake up now review that the wake up now independent business owners (aka IBO’s) do not receive commissions just for getting someone to sign up to use the HUB. The commissions start when the people you recruited start purchasing on the HUB and you start to accumulate volume points to move ranks in the comp plan. There are three levels a new recruit can join as for their monthly subscription level and those are:

  1. Silver ($24.95 per month)
  2. Gold ($49.95 per month)
  3. Platinum ($99.95 per month)

Now even though you may have recruited a couple of people that doesn’t opt you in to receive commissions for wakeupnow immediately without reaching their per-requisite. In order to get the commissions you have to be a qualified IBO and the two requirements for this are you need to be enrolled as an IBO and achieve 90 points of personal volume.

The cool thing about the 90 personal volume needed is that it can be from products sold or from services bought for personal use can be used for qualification. You can earn not only personal commission but also commissions on team payouts so I think teamwork makes the dream work in this biz opp!

When researching this compensation plan compared to one’s I am involved with or just those that I have seen is that the team payout commission tops out at $10k per month. Not sure why this cap is so low would love to hear thoughts from others just comment below.

The full compensation plan is fully laid out in only 18 pages and it is available on the WakeUpNow website or just by clicking the link to the left there. If you want a detailed breakdown I can refer you to some #WUN affiliates that can break it down for you.

Wake Up Now Review | WakeUpNow | Wake Up Now MLM – Is WakeUpNow a Scam?

Is Wake Up Now a scam? I have heard this question so many times but then again you hear this regarding a lot of the these biz opps you just need to do your research and make an educated decision. After doing my research I can say it is not a scam and this is a legitimate business opportunity. After reading and reviewing many online wakeupnow complaints I see most of them were not valid they did not put work in and expected to make money with no effort.

The second but more important reason I saw many previous members were calling it a “scam” was because they did not get any leads. If you could only see my face right now I am laughing pretty profusely!!! If you are going to do business online you have to do business correctly. Every internet session starts at some search engine and in 80+ percent of the time its Google.

Several of the complaint reviews I dug deeper to see ok let me see how they were marketing themselves to drive leads. I actually pushed the evelope a little with one and contacted them to see if my assessment was correct. After talking with them I did a small interview just to frame what I suspected the issue was and my conclusion was they were only relying on their Facebook friends list and posting daily to join the opportunity or the watch the video.

This person was not blogging,  providing no value, no ranking on any keywords and did not even know what I was talking about which is OK.

This is what everyone wants to know. In my opinion, WakeUpNow is not a scam, it is a legitimate business opportunity. You can legitimately make money with this opportunity but if you do not have your own site and blog daily you can hit your Facebook friends list and get as much of your warm market enrolled but that dries up very quickly for many.

So if you truly believe in this companies mission statement and you can align yourself with it to position this products benefits then you can win and make a solid future out of it. The company offers very solid products and one that actually peaks my interest is the TaxBot.

Wake Up Now Review | WakeUpNow | Wake Up Now MLM – Conclusion

If you are looking on how to make money in network marketing that is one thing but if you are looking to make money online this is one of many methods that has worked for many.

Please understand, the key to this business and any business online is to build your list. As you build you list this will be the most powerful thing you can have. Once your list is built, you can market to your list which converts into sales if the opportunity is right for them.

As an online marketer I know and understand the challenges and frustration that comes with a potential sponser that promises oveernight success only after disappearing after enrolling you. This is why it is critical for you to understand the 3 C’s of online marketing.

  1. Create traffic
  2. Create leads
  3. Covert leads

WakeUpNow is a business, yes a network marketing business, but like all businesses needs a marketing strategy with consistent strategies done daily. Please, please, please understand even if a possible “sponsor” says they will put people under you that this only means they are dangling a carrot in front of your face to close and can change next week when they offer the next person to put all the sign ups under them as well.

That is why I suggest you learn a strategy and work it daily consistently and you will get further in life than you ever dreamed. Not only will this work with WakeUpNow but with any business.

Get ready, get excited and jump all over your WakeUpNow opportunity and setup your marketing plan so you can truly make money online. My whole world changed when my eyes were opened up to the tactics and methods of how to market online to make money the sky is the limit!

Drop your anxiety on the table like a pen and start living the life of your dreams and invest in yourself and your future and learn a new skill set that will set you up for success.

Click here to get the exact blueprint that I use every single day to create a consistent flow of leads for my business. 

Learning this skill of generating your own leads will set you up to be successful in WakeUpNow or really in any other business or even an online website you are trying to grow. Your sales funnels should be full or receiving leads daily and if you don’t even have a sales funnel your in trouble.

My hopes that you get out of this blog….

That I have inspired you to use your head and to treat your new biz opp or existing business as a business. Marketing your business is what will separate you from the other 1900 people posting on Facebook tagging 24 people with the same video and messages.

Some of the individuals I mentor before starting with me they asked what can I do to cut my learning curve down? That I will answer in my Facebook group but we cut your learning curve by 50%.

I want you to learn from my mistakes, dramatically cut your learning curve and become a successful business builder. If you enjoyed this article and would like to stay informed on the subject of Internet Marketing please feel free to join.


Your Bloggin Partner,

Joe Carrera

Wake Up Now Review | WakeUpNow | Wake Up Now MLM

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