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Joe Carrera

What is Organic Traffic?

At the most basic level, all web traffic can be broken down into two groups: paid traffic, and organic traffic.

So what is do these terms mean, specifically, and what can a website owner do to increase the amount of it they get?

Don’t worry, learning the difference between what organic traffic is versus paid traffic is easy.

Organic consists of all the visitors to your site who found it using search engines, direct hyperlinks from elsewhere, and other, non-paid avenues.

In my opinion some of the most important traffic you should be going for and driving.

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Most people are aware that when you perform a search on an engine such as Google that they ‘sponsor’ certain results at the top of the list, and that those sponsored results are a form of paid advertising (who wants to pay though right).

People clicking those advertising links comprise a sites’ paid traffic and along with that traffic comes a bill so get your wallet out.

As for increasing the amount of organic traffic your site receives, that is a complex issue that can have a variety of different answers depending on your budget, niche, and goals.

For the most part though, using inbound marketing tactics such as SEO (both on and off-page), social media marketing, good old brand-building and awareness raising tactics, and last but most importantly syndicating will achieve this result over time.

Keep in mind though that the best promotional and marketing tactics in the world won’t help you if your site does not have good content.

I like to say content is king and back link are queen but be careful because if your not doing this correctly you can actually harm your ranking versus helping it.

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