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Joe Carrera

Ian Up For Whatever Film– 2014 Super Bowl XLVIII Commercial


So I LOVED this commercial because if you have read the book Scientific Advertising you will see a lot of the elements of effective marketing in this piece. The storyline is so funny to not even knowing what was going to happen Ian just rose to the occasion and had fun in each part of his journey!

You know at first I almost thought he was an actor and he knew everything about the setup but after reading several blog posts and articles online he didn’t but would like to hear your feedback. Well I am off the go pick up some super bowl goodies before the day gets started.

If you have not read Scientific Advertising pick up your free copy just click here and I will give you download link.

When you read the book I send you please take some mental notes and comment, like, and share this post to those who need this book or could benefit from increasing their businesses revenue. So many small business owners are struggling because of one simple thing, they are not marketing and should immediately look and review their marketing mix.

This book is also great for:

  1. – someone learning marketing
  2. – someone learning paid traffic
  3. – someone learning how to think like a marketer

Your Partner,

Joe Carrera

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  • Michael

    Definitely scientific advertising just like the book states many companies have lost huge amount of dollars just advertising shooting from the hip.

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