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Joe Carrera

Sales Model Examples

You have taken my advice and you have drive traffic to your site or blog. Ranking in Google and driving traffic are new customers. For those of you that think sales and marketing is the same thing you need read, sales-vs-marketing-whats-the-difference article.

Now you need to push your sales reps to use this simple four step sales process to close the deal and boost your revenue! So closing a sale is important!

Now you’re on a roll and excited about this awesome new clients, leads and traffic.

Somehow in the past the hungry fish you had on the line just slipped right off your hook (again), and you may not even know why.

So I am going to give you a great sales process that you can share or print so you can use on your sales force. This also works for continuity sales models.

4 Simple Steps to More Sales

As I like to say – Always be Closing, the ABC’s


I hope you appreciate my candor…There could be number of reasons why you lost the sale. Don’t focus on the negative, let’s examine a simple 4-step sales model that works to close the sales.

As a matter of fact, it works for even the most sales-timid entrepreneur, because this method isn’t about trying to sell at all or really so like a used car salesman like.

This model is really about getting to know your customer’s wants, needs and problems, making a connection (building rapport), and explaining how your company/product or service can help.

Step #1: Forget About Yourself and Focus On Them (Rapport)

Get to know your customer by asking questions and ask open ended questions and listening much more than talking (that’s why we have two ears and one mouth). Next dig for what they do, what their goals are, and what’s holding them back from reaching them. Look to uncover their largest problems and wants, and what they feel they need.

Step #2: Problems, Solutions and Benefits (Establish the Need)

Once we understand their problems, needs and wants, explain how you can help. Give examples of how your service or product has helped others with similar wants or needs. If at all possible, use statistics and specific numbers whenever possible when talking results (ex., “In 3 months I was able to help blah, blah, blah and double their revenues.”).

Reminder, it is still not about you and what your job is or what you sell…it is still about the customer and what they need (benefits sell). So focus on results and benefits more than facts. Prospects must understand what’s in it for them or they aren’t going to buy.

Step #3: Advance a Solution

This is now where you tell them what you believe you can do for them. Now ask, “If we could do ___ for you, would that solve your problems or help you achieve your goals?” (You can adjust to your flow or style here).

If they say yes, your almost done and very near the close. Now if it’s a product try asking what flavor they like and placing in their hand there is a strong physiological trigger of ownership by doing this. Now, proceed to Step #4.

If they say no, you need to peel back the onion basically seeing what the objection is. Chances are you’ve either Perhaps a misunderstanding of their needs, wants or goals, or they didn’t share a piece of information or is needing additional information from you. So return to Step #1, ask more questions, and then go through these steps again.

Step #4: Deliver the Solution

At this point they have accepted your solution and it’s time to close the transaction.

Voilaaa! Sale is now closed. Remember, anytime a sales rep runs into an issue they start back at step #1 so basically rinse and repeat.

Keep in mind, much like fishing you won’t always catch a fish on the first cast, sometimes it’s going take more than one interaction. The average person needs about 7 interactions for larger transactions. Now that you have a good sales model what good is it if you do not get enough leads or customers through your door? You need leads or customers to sell to otherwise your business is in trouble. I would suggest reading up on our marketing system, here.

No matter what type of business you are in whether its an online only business, cosmetic surgery or hair salon this marketing system helps grow ANY business. Do you want to show up when someone goes to Google and someone searching hair salon near me?

Yours Truly,

Joe Carrera

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