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Joe Carrera

No matter what type of business you are in, no matter what industry you are in you should be using social media in order to engage with your customers. However, in this article we are going to solely focus on Instagram and illustrating how and why it is good for your business.

There are hundreds of MILLIONS of people using Instagram and that number is growing by leaps and bounds daily, weekly and monthly. If you have not downloaded this app I challenge you to at least download it and start to familiarize yourself with it while you learn how to use it effectively. Well by the end of this article you should be very well informed and motivated to use it for your brand or company.

There are over 40 million photos posted DAILY on Instagram when I heard this statistic it nearly knocked me out of my chair that is impressive. Like with so many pictures being posted who isn’t on Instagram?

Why instagram is good for your business

Think about that for a moment… Now that you see the magnitude of Instagram I think we can both agree that learning how to use Instagram to best promote your business, products or services is a very, very wise move for us to make would you say? For the lack of a better term the size of the audience you can hone in on is MIND BLOWING!!!

So what I wanted to get into are the strategies and methods that will help you make the most of Instagram which are simple to incorporate and execute.

Here are 8 reasons why Instagram is good for any type of business. So lets analyze these steps in order to take your business to the next level.


Why Instagram Is Good For Your Business


1. The Old Saying – A Picture is Worth A Thousand Words…

No its not just an old saying. Are you in some type of retail business where you have a product you can display and now you have a manner to display your product in a dynamic way. Or perhaps your in the service industry and being able to post a picture can show this service being performed in an emotionally charged or exaggerated manner. Being able to capture that passion, the satisfaction from your client in a picture is the perfect visual now opens the door for new business, in other words new opportunities. Keep in mind most people are more visual and if the picture is taken well it can be seductive to your “customer” and draw them in. Cool thing is these nice pictures are ads but it really isn’t.

Point here is get creative, be creative which will inspire and emotionally charge your audience. Need some inspiration then watch this video its less than 2 minutes in duration.


2. Instagram Will Give A Behind The Scenes Look

Taking candid behind the scenes photos of your business gives your clients, customers or prospective clients a look into your business. Being transparent goes a long way to build rapport and builds trust and for those in sales and marketing we know that people buy with those they know, trust and like.

This strategy right here is one of the most powerful methods and will help you change the game. Having a powerful picture gives your customers that “insider” feel and they haven’t even done business with you. Let’s look at a comparison like network television and how there are so many shows with people working at interesting places and reality shows…. Why do you think? It’s human nature for us to want to see what happens, we like to watch and we just want that curiosity factor fulfilled.


3. Customer Participation Develops

Once you have started posting pictures, using hashtags that relate to your picture, industry or service you offer then you start building followers. You need to build followers and once you build enough followers you will start to encourage your audience to respond, react or share your picture with others. Now you can wait for it to happen but you could also ask your followers to share your picture and/or hold certain incentives in the beginning to entice them to share. This is social media and doing this is being social isn’t it? Just trust me, ask for it and it will happen you need to engage them… People like to be told what to do because you are building a brand that people want to be apart of something cool.

Now there will be certain times when you snap a phenomenal picture that will be socially shared on its own and will go viral. This is the most powerful factor you can have in your business which I like to call momentum. Momentum in ANY business is powerful and you need to take advantage of it. To truly take advantage of this viral effect you will want to add a blog to your businesses web presence and incorporate Instagram like this company did here.

Connect with me if you are interested in adding a blog to your business.


4. Building A Personality For Your Business or Brand

Instagram should be one of your key strategies to build a winning and distinct personality for your business. Now when you combine other social media (such as Facebook or Twitter, etc), website, advertising then and only then are you actually starting to mold how your business is being perceived by potential leads. Think about it what are you trying to portray? An aggressive brand, seriousness, or just fun and lighthearted. Keeping this in mind will help you determine how to structure your photos, how to capture or what to capture (this is fun because your like a photographer looking for the right scenery).

So capture some good ones because this will go a long way in building your personality of your business and that mood or feeling your going after. Please again I say PLEASE do not underestimate the power of this especially if your in a niche market you will not want to be all over the board you need to stick to what that niche likes and talks about daily.


5. Start Building Trust

Those of you that have been in retail or in the sales industry already know if you have two stores which sell the same products and the customer is left to choose where to buy where do you think they buy? I will tell you…. Customers will always pick the store which they feel they know, like and trust so with that being said here is another critical reason Instagram will be helpful to getting your brand out there. The online experience overall especially like a website can take the human face away so people feel somewhat disconnected. Now with Instagram it literally puts the face of your brand, your employee or your founder in front of your target market which will help build confidence in and trust from your prospective customers.

If you learn how to use Instagram effectively to help build a following it will help reinforce the trust you need that will quickly result in leads, which those leads can now be marketed to and sales will convert. From another perspective you are also building a brand that people want to be a part of, what I like to call building culture.


6. Keeping Your Name In The Conversation

Instagram if used correctly will keep you in peoples conversation because they will be talking about your business, your services, how they were treated and just your business overall. One strategy that works well no matter what business industry you are in are contests. These contests can be creative and will help with some viral sustainability.

Instagram is the perfect platform to hold contests because it will promote your business. The only limitation to your contest will be how creative you can be. Take some time to Google some ideas or search hashtag “contest” to get some ideas but typically a simple and easy idea is the best photo shared featuring what your business offers receives a free product and that will work time and time again.

Just make notes now…. Contests will be one of the strongest ways to leverage Instagram and social media users to talk about you and share you which gives you a larger voice online.



7. Promote Special Events Or Releases

If your company is holding some type of event, new product release or going to some industry event? These are perfect events for you to promote the fact your business is holding an event or is being involved in an event that is part of your niche or industry. As you see sometimes some of your customers have to work and cannot get away so they don’t want to feel left out so taking pictures during and after the event kind of keeping documentation of the trip is something cool to share on Instagram.

When looking to snap pictures or videos make sure they contain you, your employees and include customers for audience engagement almost all of your customers will love this type of attention. However, the one important thing is the audience your building or those that could not be part of this feel included and that is the culture we want to build.

So always when you are going on with your day make sure you have your Instagram glasses on so you don’t miss those good pics or videos that can help you connect your customers with the business.



8. Viral Opportunity

Ok so I have touched on this earlier in the article and remember true viral effect will blow up your business, your social presence and business overall. Remember it just takes one good shot, one good video or one cute share around your business or logo. Think of TV shows like funniest video bloopers same thing applies with Instagram when it comes to having a viral post. You have one shot to get that effect and don’t laugh it off because this effect is worth tens of thousands of dollars of advertising!!

Encourage your employees to share in the beginning eventually you will get all sorts of people sharing as your followers grows. My suggestion to you is, learn how to use Instagram and one other social media platform and you slowly will become a social media marketing guru! Sounds pretty easy doesn’t it? Trust me it is…

As you can see just sit back, download the Instagram app and search certain hashtags that come to your mind and see how people are using it. At this moment you just need a nice dose of creativity then just set a nice plan in place so you can just start posting daily. Don’t be scared you can’t mess it up just get your feet wet this is something you can start right NOW.

Just ensure you are not one of those that gets caught up in the learning phase and never gets out so make a decision, download the app now and start posting. Shoot me a message I will give you tips or answer any questions.

Well this wraps up my 8 tips on how Instagram will be helpful for you business.

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